This is where our tax money goes

If you were just reading boingboing you have probably seen the story about the priorities of the new interim Attorney General. It turns out that Alex Acosta does not really care about terrorism, organized crime and child abuse. These are low priority objectives for him. Check out the article linked from boingboing yourself.

According to Mr. Acosta the most important job of American law enforcement right now is fighting pornography. And please do not make a mistake. It’s not child pornography we are talking about here – it’s the standard, run of the mill consenting adult porn that he is after. Mr. Acosta actually ordered to take FBI agents off child pornography cases and assign them to important tasks such as closing down adult video and book stores in residential neighborhoods:

Sources say Acosta was told by the FBI officials during last month’s meeting that obscenity prosecution would have to be handled by the crimes against children unit. But that unit is already overworked and would have to take agents off cases of child endangerment to work on adult porn cases. Acosta replied that this was Attorney General Gonzales’ mandate.

I find this very disturbing. They wasting taxpayer money by fighting windmills. It is absolutely ridiculous. These resources should be used to fight serious crime and terrorism. I think pornography is great – and certainly it is the least of our problems. For god’s sake, there are people out there strapping bombs to their chests! This is really not a good time to be chasing pornographers!

But the most disturbing fact is that, Mr. Acosta thinks that fighting pornography is more important from preventing child abuse! Next time you hear about some deranged pedophile that committed some heinous crime, and got away, remember to thank Alex Acosta. Thanks to him, the police officers and FBI agents who could have been tracking this guy were busy harassing tax paying adult industry entrepreneur! I think this is outrageous.

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