Holly Shit! France is SOLJWF!

It seems that French people are SOLJWF! I thought that we Americans are excelling at taking it up the ass from the entertainment industry, but the French just proved that they can fuck themselves up way better than us. They are about to ban all software that can be used to transmit non-DRM’d media and they are planning to criminalize publishing freeware!

I am speechless. This just does not compute. No sane, civilized society could allow to pass this kind of legislation. The French IT sector is going to get fucked, and their economy is going down the toilet. If I was working in France I would be planning relocation of my company to a neighboring country in case this shit really becomes the law. Maybe move your servers to Principality of Sealand?

You know, I rant allot about how corrupted the US politicians and legislators are, but when I see things like that happening abroad I am truly happy that I live here. We might have shitload of problems, but at least the system works. We are still have free software, we still have free use, and entertainment industry has to spend shitload of bribe money each year just to keep the current legislation intact. Every once in a while EFF is able to make a dent in their plan, every other lawsuit goes our way. It’s a fight that we can eventually win. God bless America!

What is going to happen to Mandriva? Wasn’t Mandrake based in France?

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