Constitution Day

May 3rd is Polish Constitution day. Why should you care?

The Polish Constitution of 3 May 1791 (Polish: Konstytucja Trzeciego Maja) is Europe’s first modern codified national constitution as well as the second oldest constitution in the world ~wiki

Poland was the second country in the world, and first in Europe to have a modern, codified constitution. Think about this next time you crack a Polish joke :P

Note, this is a “long weekend” time in Poland right now. May 1st is the labor day – a national holiday, so most people have a day off. May 3rd is Constitution day, which is also national holiday. 2nd is not a holiday, but this year it fell on Tuesday so most people try to get a long weekend out of this and use up their vacation days, or sick days to skip that Tuesday. So in essence we have a 5 day weekend, and most people will not be back at work till Thursday.

If you are clever about this, you will get a 10 day vacation, using only 3 of your vacation days!

Sigh… We need some more of those long weekend type of things here in US.

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