Watch out for the Stone Golem!

Stone Golem
Stone Golem Costume

Holy poop on a stick! This stone golem costume is freakin awesome! Apparently this was made using only foam mattresses, hot glue and black paint. Wow! I have to say that these guys have a future as holywood creature makers. Check out the video of this thing in motion at youtube.

I never participated in a LARP but hell, I want to belong to a group that makes shit like that! Seems like allot of fun.

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  1. Iram MEXICO Safari Mac OS says:

    Hello, My name is Iram and I looking how to make that costume, thats really a some, is the best costume of stone that I never seen before, a I want to make it for a big festival of kid. The are poor kids and this festival is free for them. Can you help me to have like a Instructions to do it. I will will be glad if you help me.

    Sinceresly Iram…..God bless you….

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