Does Sen. Stevens have an OFF button?

Ted The Tubes Stevens

I think Senator Ted “[tag]The Tubes[/tag]” [tag]Stevens[/tag] is on a quest to become the most hated and ridiculed person on the internets. Apparently he is the guy who put the super-doubleplus-[tag]secret hold[/tag] on the bill that would open up [tag]federal spending[/tag] records to the public.

Stevens is a a liability – a [tag]corrupt politician[/tag] from a backwater state who will push a horribly unpopular, damaging net neutrality bill, and secretly derail useful legislation without any regard for the public interest or even his own reputation. Will anyone vote for “the tubes” guy in the next election? Who the hell knows – he is from [tag]Alaska[/tag]. Apparently the tubes over there freeze over in the winter so they don’t get much internet connectivity anyways. :P

The point is – he is on his way out, he already clowned himself, was ridiculed on national TV, and became an internet legend. He has nothing to loose at this point, but he still holds the office, and has political power. If you want to push some unpopular agenda, or stage some career damaging political stunt (like doubleplus secret holds) he is your guy!

This is why we need to watch his hands really closely now and see who is pulling his strings. He will be the for all kinds of crazy shit now, but I bet you that someone else is benefiting from all of his shenanigans.

Update Thu, August 31 2006, 09:22 PM

Zefrank devotes the whole episode of The Show to this issue. Strangely, he makes no tubes jokes.

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2 Responses to Does Sen. Stevens have an OFF button?

  1. ZeWrestler UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    like the german’s love david hassolholf, Alaskians love senator clogged tubes. even then, he’s up for election in 08. plenty of time for alaska to forget. (and other bad things to occur)

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Btw, why do Germans love Hasselhoff? I could never understand that phenomenon :P

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