Necessary Household Survival Kit

You should have one of those in every room of your house:

Zombie Protection Kit
via myconfinedspace

You never know when we are going to get overrun by zombies.

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4 Responses to Necessary Household Survival Kit

  1. Matt UNITED KINGDOM Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    I want
    Where get?


    ive seen this thing before and its really quite incredibly awesome (would also make for a good thing to give a resident evil-obsessed friend

    or to keep for myself :D

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  2. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Why you can get it from this guy, of course ;)

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  3. Matt UNITED KINGDOM Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    damn, i thought that was actually going to lead to somewhere i could buy one from :(

    hmm.. maybe if i had a picture of it that was front on… printy printy :)
    (i assume that it is just a picture and not an actual model in there)

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  4. Luke UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:

    Hehe… I think that someone just put this thing together as a one time joke and then posted pictures on teh internets.

    But then again, you can find just abut anything on ebay these days. :)

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