Suicide Squad and the State of DCCU

How do you abbreviate DC Cinematic Universe? Is it DCCU, or do you arbitrarily skip one of the C’s and write it as DCU? And if so, which C do you skip?

You have probably seen the latest Suicide Squad trailer online by now, but if you haven’t let me show it to you here:

That’s a damn fine trailer. I’m not sure if it’s actually. genuinely good, of if the perceived goodness is mostly conferred by the sound track. Let’s face it, Bohemian Rhapsody does have a tendency to make things make seem more awesome that they are. In fact, I dare you to make a video with it playing in the background that is dull and boring. You can try, but I don’t think you’ll have much success.

Either way, the trailer does the job very well. It got me excited for a DC movie for the first time since the Nolan made Batmen begin a new (but before he got bored and started phoning it in). You know, back when DC movies were still good, and grimdark, dreary aesthetic was cool and new.

The new trailer makes Suicide Squad look like it will be a Guardians of the Galaxy, style fun-filled romp. But despite flashes of genuine humor, and color, the movie has the same washed out palette, the same “grim faced people being serious while standing in the rainy street at night” feel that WB have been using for all it’s hero movie as of late.

We are the bad guys...

We are the bad guys…

I will bet you cash money that the actual movie will have neither the energy, nor the charm of this trailer. I’m convinced that WB is still mostly in the dark with regards to what makes superhero movies tick. And if the previous trailer is anything to go by, Suicide Squad ain’t gonna be the next Guadians. And no amount of editing and post production is going to change that.

Then again, I might be wrong. In fact, I hope I am. While I’m a huge Marvel fan, it has been a bummer to see every single DC hero movie turning into an abysmal failure. We already know that Batman v Superman is not going to be any good, because WB mercifully gave us a Cliff-Notes trailer with a plot synopsis so that we don’t actually have to spend money to be disappointed by it. A good DC movie has been long overdue, and I really hope Suicide Squad will be a hit.

But I’m not holding my breath. And neither should you.

Also, Harley needs to do the accent. I mean, come on guys. That’s like the one DC character that has an established cannon sound to her. Get it right!

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4 Responses to Suicide Squad and the State of DCCU

  1. Brenden UNITED STATES Google Chrome Windows says:

    I’m glad to see you post something. It has been quite a while. :) Personally I’m crossing my fingers and hoping this turns out to be a great movie. I’ll probably be a bit biased though seeing as I love Will Smith haha.

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  2. Leonidas UNITED STATES Google Chrome Windows says:

    Force Awakens review?

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  3. Luke Maciak UNITED STATES Mozilla Firefox Windows Terminalist says:

    @ Brenden:

    Thanks. I’ve gotten back into tabletop games, got involved in a D&D campaign, and been spending a lot of time with my 1 year old niece so blogging kinda became low priority unfortunately.

    @ Leonidas:

    It was amazing. Poe & Finn OTP. Kylo Ren was an amazing villain. I want a BB-8 of my own. That’s about all I’ve got right now. :P But yeah, maybe I’ll sit down and write something substantial about it. Just need to figure out what exactly do I want to say about it, since there have been so many think pieces on it already.

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  4. I think the DCCU could be really awesome and actually beat out Marvels by going with a TV first strategy. The Arrowverse already has a big following and it’s awesome, the studios actually hurt the shows though by saying things like you can’t use Harley Quinn and rules around the suicide squad and stuff. I think instead of having another team do the movies, have each of the Arrowverse shows put out a movie every two years using casting and writers from their shows.

    Furthermore, let’s start adding in some other hero’s onto other networks like they did with super girl (but kept in the same universe). Let’s get aquaman, or even batman and superman… Eventually use everything they build up across the different shows to do Justice League movies.

    The cool thing about TV first is we have relationships with these characters and we want them to succeed and we see their flaws.

    The problem with marvel is we only see the heroes in their movies and SHIELD is terrible. I am not attached to Ironman, and honestly at least for me the CW has made the Flash and Green Arrow to be my two favourite superheroes… Two that I never even cared about before. Now I read the comics and more.

    Plus filming these guys in Vancouver with the staff they already have and the actors who are lower budget TV actors these great films can be produced cheaper which means they don’t have to have the same massive success to still be profitable (but I think they will)

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