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Oh no! It’s a C’Tan!

You might have seen this image in /dev/random feed (btw, there is a link to it in thesidebar now): img found @ knuttz.net This is actually a sculpture by an artist who goes by Pierre Matter. Pierre doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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Lucy Liubot

If you have subscribed to my /dev/random feed you have probably seen this already. If you don’t know about /dev/random – it’s a tumblr to which I post funny or interesting images shamelessly stolen from other places on the web. … Continue reading

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The Monguin!

Here is what happens when you combine the two most awesome animals in the universe – a monkey and a penguin. You get a friken monguin: image © biro-art.com Ok, so this is not a sharemonkey but it is still … Continue reading

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