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Emulating Playstation

Someone asked me today about Playstation emulators. I actually still own a PS1 – there is probably like a 3 inch layer of dust on the laser lens, but I still have it somewhere in the house. So I never … Continue reading

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Emulating Amiga

My first computer was [tag]Amiga[/tag] 600. It came with the ultra speedy [tag]7.09 MHz[/tag] CPU and a whooping 1 MB of RAM. It may sound small to you now, but at the time these were really good specs. [tag]A600[/tag] was … Continue reading

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Arcade Games on your PC

After watching that Ryden vs. Ken animation I desperately wanted to play a Street Fighter game today. Unfortunately, after digging through all my PS1 games I realized that I never owned one. Sure, I rented few titles back in a … Continue reading

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