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Get a md5 of a string on a command line

One of the web applications I maintain stores md5 hashes in the database, instead of the actual passwords. This is a good practice – passwords are not stored in plain text, and knowing the has still does not give you … Continue reading

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Tweaking Firefox User-Agent Value

Recently I noticed that on most of my comments, the browser detection plugin identifies my OS as Linux. When I went back and looked at some of my past comments, they were correctly identified as Ubuntu Linux. This confused me … Continue reading

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Hard Links and Junctions in Windows

Did you know that [tag]NTFS[/tag] supports [tag]hard links[/tag]? This is an interesting tidbit about windows that not many people know about. But let me quickly explain what is a hard link to the clueless windows people. Imagine the following file … Continue reading

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