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Magic the Gathering Joke Revisited

I noticed that some blogs I read routinely close comments on old posts, supposedly to avoid spam. There is even a WordPress plugin that does this for you. I find that practice silly. I keep spam at bay via filtering, … Continue reading

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Warhammer 40k Nerf Guns

My brother Ark owns bunch of Nerf guns that we occasionally use for an all out nerf war. His arsenal includes several Mavericks, a Longshot and a funky crossbow that I can’t find anywhere online. Since we are both Warhammer … Continue reading

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Nearby Gamers

Anyone around here is into RPG? How about tabletop battle games? Collectible Card Games? If you are, check out the Nearby Gamers site. If you are not, you can still check it out for yet another cool use of the … Continue reading

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