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Rhino – Scripting Java with Javascript

After reading Steve Yegge’s Code’s Worst Enemy post I finally decided to give Rhino a whirl. I heard it mentioned here and there for a while now – mostly by Steve actually, but also by others. Actually others were mostly … Continue reading

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Java: Swing or SWT – which one is better?

I’m actually to lazy to write a full argument here, so I will just post my bullshit filler crap from a recent research paper: 5.3 Designing a Graphical User Interface The discussion of GUI design should start by choosing appropriate … Continue reading

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Problems with the DOMParser (s4s-elt-character Error)

I was messing around with the Apache Xerces based XML DOMParser class (from the com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.xs.dom package)for the JTwitt project and I noticed some quirky behavior. I used the following snippet of code: DomParser parser = new DOMParser(); parser.parse(new InputSource(xmlStream)); Document … Continue reading

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