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Cut a 9V bettery to get bunch of a AAAA’s

I’m filing this under “cool shit I didn’t know about”. It turns out that if you cut a standard 9V Duracell you will get 6 small 1.5V battery cells which are essentially your standard AAAA batteries: images © axecollector.com Interesting. … Continue reading

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Multiply Numbers by Drawing Lines

This is awesome: Metacafe vodeo link found via haha.nu I think this could be a cool educational tool to teach kids multiplication on large numbers. I’m guessing there is some mathematical theory that proves how it works. [tags]lifehack, multiplication, cool, … Continue reading

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Samsung A670 Dust Gathering Under Faceplate

My Samsung A670 has a little dust problem. The phone has a transparent window on the faceplate that reveals a secondary LCD which is usually used to display a clock and/or caller ID details. The faceplate window surface and the … Continue reading

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