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Death of PC Gaming May Mean Death of Windows

In the past I argued that PC Gaming is far from being dead but the more I think about it the more I start believing that I was wrong. I don’t want PC gaming to be dead – I have … Continue reading

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Installation Wizards are not allways User Friendly

Installation wizards have their place. For example, when you are installing and configuring an operating system a wizard is your best friend. The design of the wizard is paramount as it is often the very first thing your user sees. … Continue reading

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What happened to the review scores?

You might have noticed that I stopped using the hreview format, and the 5 star scoring system for my reviews. I don’t know if you miss that part, but I decided to drop them. Why? Well, part of the reason … Continue reading

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Is Dark Text on Light Background the Superior Choice?

There are two fundamental schools of thought when it comes to web design. You can talk about different design methods, technologies, paradigms and etc but there is one very simple, binary choice that you have to make when deciding on … Continue reading

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The Microsoft Clear Type Fonts

I’m wondering how long will it take until the legions of low skilled Weekend Web Designers will start using the Microsoft ClearType Fonts en masse. I’m guessing it’s popularity will be largely dependent on proliferation of the 2007 edition of … Continue reading

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Let’s all cry that Tabs are Difficult.

I was catching up on my backed up on my feeds, and I stumbled upon a link to some whiny post that tabs are redundant. I’m not sure if you knew (and if you didn’t – welcome to the internet!) … Continue reading

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LOL Dateline NBC

I just wanted to thank the folks at NBC Dateline for all the LULZ: Kinda reminds me of that whole Internet Haet Machine failure produced by Fox. And here I thought that “investigative journalism” means that one has to objectively … Continue reading

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Windows XP Home: Running as a User

I have always said that the biggest problem with Windows security is that everyone is running as an Admin by default. I never really preached the LUA principle on Windows machines though. Unfortunately, I’m guilty of using an account with … Continue reading

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