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Simultaneous Inventions and Patents

Kevin Kelly recently wrote an interesting article he titled Simultaneous Invention. I highly recommend that you read it and draw your own conclusions, but if you are to lazy for that, I’m going to give you short summary and my … Continue reading

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Microsoft trying to patent BlueJ?

Here is a WTF of the evening for you: Microsoft copies an idea, admits to it and then patents it. To make the long story short, they essentially filed a patent claim for… Well, whatever BlueJ does. They implemented strikingly … Continue reading

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Let’s Patent Conjugation!

You know, I had this idea the other day to take something that is absolutely trivial and commonplace and then file for a [tag]patent[/tag] and make big monies (yes, monies is the proper term to use when you mean mad, … Continue reading

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There can be Only One!

It is a good thing that MSU is using Blackboard as it’s Learning Management System. If they had went with something else, we would possibly have to think about switching really soon. US patent office has decided that we really … Continue reading

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Good evening chumps and chumpettes! Today is Friday, July 7th the “File a Stupid Patent and Sue Someone” day. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of patents let me explain. Here in United States, the land of the … Continue reading

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Lucent Sues MS over 360 patent infringment

Ha ha! Apparently Xbox 360 violates Lucent’s patent on MPEG-2 encoding. They want MS to pay up or recall all the boxes from the market. Didn’t they just settle with Eolas not so long ago? Doesn’t this make Sony another … Continue reading

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Eolas Patent will B0rk IE in April

You may or may not heard about the stupid Eolas patent on plugins. They won, and MS will now have to break IE and change the way ActiveX, media and applets load in the browser. Wohoo! We are protecting innovation … Continue reading

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