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Using CPAN version of WWW::Mechanize with ActiveState Perl on Windows

I end up doing this each time I reinstall windows, and every time I forget how I did it, so I figured I’ll archive the process here. Perhaps it will help some of you. And I know, someone will say … Continue reading

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Download All Documents from Blackboard’s Digital Dropbox

Blackboard sucks. This is the opinion shared by roughly 95% of faculty at my university. But this is what we have, and a crappy course management system is still better than no course management system. So we are stuck with … Continue reading

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Batch Upload Images to ImageShack using Perl

Someone asked about this so I felt compelled to deliver. The question was: “how to batch upload bunch of images to some free image hosting service?” Here is the answer. I picked ImageShack because you don’t need to register it, … Continue reading

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Parsing Excel Files with Perl

My company likes to store tons of useful information locked away in excel files. I understand that not everyone understands how databases work, or how to use them. I have no clue how this happened but at some point Excel … Continue reading

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