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Python: Open the Most Recent Log File

Lately I have been on a Python kick. You know, just in case you haven’t noticed it based on the new outcrop of Python centric posts around these parts. In addition to Google App Engine related stuff I’ve been doing, … Continue reading

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Generating Random Pronoucable Passwords

Here is an interesting problem: how to generate sufficiently random but semi-pronounceable, and easy to remember passwords. I mean, putting together a random password generator is easy – just pick bunch of random character from a pool of printable symbols … Continue reading

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Character mapping must return integer, None or unicode

The other day I implemented a simple rot13 function in python like this: from string import ascii_uppercase as upper, ascii_lowercase as lower, maketrans   def rot13(text): rot13_alphabet = upper[13:]+uc[:13] + lower[13:]+lc[:13] rot13_transform = maketrans(upper+lower, rot13_alphabet) return text.translate(rot13_transform)from string import ascii_uppercase … Continue reading

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