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Spoiler Warning! This review contains spoilers for 2013 Spike Jonze movie Her. Last year I wrote a few thousand words about the trailer for the Spike Jonze film Her. I have finally got around to watching the movie proper, and … Continue reading

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Transhumanity Starts Now

We live in an unprecedented time – a time of brave discovery and forging ahead towards the great unknown. Those of us who are alive right now, or waiting to be born in the next decade or two will be … Continue reading

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Humanity: Not an Immutable State

What does it mean to be human? What are characteristics of a human being? Is is ones “humaneness” and immutable state? There is this discussion going around on the internet these days about how technology is changing the way we … Continue reading

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Did Singularity Already Happen

Technological singularity: a hypothetical event occurring when technological progress becomes so rapid that it makes the future after the singularity qualitatively different and nearly impossible to predict. Most of us assume that this moment in time is still ahead of … Continue reading

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