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Online Gambling Ban is Stupid

The Online Gambling Ban is the stupidest internet regulation initiative since “War on Pr0n”. I haven’t done any statistical research about this, but I think that next to pr0n and email, gambling is one of the major uses of internet … Continue reading

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John Stewart on Net Netutrality

This might be the best summary of the Net Neutrality madness out there. It has everything including excerpts of Ted Stevens’ speech, animated illustrations of tubes, and witty commentary from John Stewart. Watch it: I think that Ted Stevens single … Continue reading

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Internet is not a Truck!

I made this sign to support Net Neutrality. If you don’t get it, please go and read about the speech given by Senator Ted Stevens. Remember kids, save the internet! Update Sun, July 09 2006, 02:51 AM Heh, check out … Continue reading

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