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Solitary Superhero Syndrome

Here is my beef about superhero movies that are coming out of Hollywood lately: they all suffer from what I call a Solitary Superhero Syndrome. “You are making this up, aren’t you? There is no such thing.” Of course I’m … Continue reading

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Rebooting Comic Book Franchises

In recent years comic book adaptations have become extremely profitable. Movie studios are literally fighting over superhero franchises these days because they know it is easy money. We have finally reached the point in time when comic book nostalgia is … Continue reading

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The Watchmen Trailer

I know that this is probably all over the internet right now, and it not news anymore, but holly shit! The Watchmen trailer! Holly shit! I must post about it: Watching the trailer literally gave me chills and made me … Continue reading

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How to Make a Good Super Hero Movie

Warning: the contents of this post may be extremely geeky. After watching Spiderman 3 I did some thinking, and I think Hollywood could really improve their track record with superhero movies by following few simple tips. I’m not a movie … Continue reading

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Spider-Man 3

Yesterday I watched Spiderman 3, completely ignoring the warnings of friends, relatives and every single blog and review site that reviewed that movie. I knew the movie was pretty bad – I had no illusions about it. I went in … Continue reading

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Heroes: Thoughts on Season 1

I finished watching Season 1 of Heroes and I loved it. I’m pleasantly surprised that it did not end on a major cliffhanger. The end-season cliffhanger seems to be the industry standard these days, and everyone from the shitty sitcoms … Continue reading

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Holy fucking shit! I found a new one! As far as I was concerned there were currently only two shows on TV worth my attention. They were Lost and Battlestar Galactica. Sadly, both of them are currently in between seasons. … Continue reading

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Aunt May vs. Galactus

Merciful God, what the fuck in hell is this??? found @ wikipedia I was looking up some stuff about Galactus and I found this image, which just leaves me speechless. I’m not sure if this is one of stupid Marvel … Continue reading

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Superman Sucks!

I just saw the new Superman movie. Let me preface this post by saying that I was never a big Superman fan. I never followed the comic book, and I barely remember anything from the previous movies about the Man … Continue reading

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Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man was horrible… Spider-Man 2 sucked so bad it me nauseous… Spider-Man 3… Actually it doesn’t look that bad. I just watched the trailer, and the scenes with the symbiont look awesome. Chances are that this movie will be much … Continue reading

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