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The Beauty of HTML5

If you are still using HTML4 for your new websites you should stop probably stop. And I’m not saying this because of standards compliance, or some sort of web snobbery. I’m saying this because it is a pragmatic thing to … Continue reading

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Wisdom of the Young and Reckless

You know what’s my worst fear? I mean other than the nightmarish scenario in which all my teeth fall out at the same time as my fingers rot off as I go blind and fall into an endless elevator shaft … Continue reading

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The trailers for Looper looked quite amazing but unfortunately I missed it when it was in theaters. I was pretty excited to finally see it, though the lack of Looper themed memes on the internet concerned me a bit. You … Continue reading

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Informative MOTD

Here is something that I usually like to do when I set up new servers: create informative Message of the Day that will remind me what this server is all about and where do things live on it and maybe … Continue reading

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Goodbye Google Reader

You probably know this by now but Google Reader service is going to be shut down and discontinued come June. On March 13, everyone who logged into the service saw a lovely notification informing them about the impending closure. Most … Continue reading

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Were you born in a wrong decade?

I hear people say this all the time: “I was born in the wrong time period”. I have to say I can’t relate to that sentiment. Unlike most people I know who seem to long after the “good old times” … Continue reading

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Music of White Noise for Productivity

What is your stance on listening to music while working? Some people swear by it, and claim it helps them to concentrate but I suspect they are blatant lairs. Either that or people are just different than me – but … Continue reading

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Building Sinatra apps with Dropbox-SDK

When I was building my Makdown Journal app I have noticed that there were no good tutorials showing you how to use the official Dropbox-SDK Gem with the Sinatra framework. Granted, this is not necessarily an issue if you know … Continue reading

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My Wizards are Different

In the previous installments of this series I tackled all kinds of fantasy tropes – now it is time to re-invent magic users. I want to come up with a slightly different, off-beat magic interpretation tying it to my old … Continue reading

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Revisiting Private Journaling

A while ago I wrote about my search for a good private journaling solution. Since then I have tried dozens of different apps and services without finding anything I would like. At one point I even wrote my own little … Continue reading

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