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How do you use your social networks

There seems to be this notion floating around that when it comes to social networks, there can be only one. They mus all battle to the death, and decapitate each other devouring their social graphs in some sort of social … Continue reading


Where do you get your tech news?

Hey teminalists, where do you get your tech news (or news in general) these days. Just curious where do you guys spend your time online other than here. There are many communities and geek news aggregators out there but the … Continue reading


Copyright law in the age of remix mashups

A wise man once told me that creating a wholly new and original work of art is nigh impossible these days. We have been creating art, music and told stories since the dawn of time. Over the years we have … Continue reading


WordPress Force SSL Administration

“See, you shouldn’t steel internet on a regular basis” I told my acquittance, “it’s not that it’s wrong – it’s just not safe.” I mean, think about it – you never know if the person running an open wifi node … Continue reading


Sneakernet is Alwas Faster

Recently a friend forwarded me this quote: This just in, man walking is faster than FIOS! Earlier today a man walked across the street with a 1TB hard drive, at the same time he transferred the file using Verizon FIOS. … Continue reading


Twitter Haters

I have been using Twitter since March 2007. When I signed up, few people other that us geeks knew about the service. I remember sending people invites, and getting bewildered emails asking me WTF is this “twidler” thing. You know, … Continue reading


Don’t Copy my Image!

Protip: if you don’t want people taking your images and posting them all over the internet, do not put them online. In fact, do not make them available in an electronic format – ever! Just sell hard copy prints. As … Continue reading


Did the internet shorten your attention span?

It seems that every time we invent new technology that improves the quality of our lives, and allows us to work and learn faster and more efficiently, someone finds out that that same technology is somehow harmful. Back when I … Continue reading


Facebook is not a good picture sharing site

I just want to throw this out there for all the people who like to use Facebook as their primary picture sharing site. Don’t! Facebook is great for many things. It’s great for connecting with people, it is great for … Continue reading


Youtube Rot

Anyone who has been blogging for at least few years now, can attest to this: Youtube videos sometimes go away after they have been up for a while. Most of the video hosting services do not have policy of deleting … Continue reading


Stop Hanging on to Obsolete Software

It is no longer OK to use IE6. If I see it on your screen, I swear that I will hold you down and forcefully install IE8 on your machine. I’m not joking here. I may not be able to … Continue reading


Your Homepage on Google AppEngine

A while ago I ranted and raved on how free email services look unprofessional. I recommend Google Apps as a very inexpensive solution. You get a professional looking email address, Gmail, Google Calendar and free home page hosting via Google … Continue reading


Which Webcomics do you Read?

I’m doing yet another link dump like post. Sorry about that. I will get these out of my system soon. In the meantime they allow me to knock out a few quick posts in a rather short amount of time … Continue reading


Online Tools You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

I decided to make yet another link dump post. This time around I’m linking to minimalistic online tools that some of you may find useful. This list is not really for full blown services such as twitter, delicious and etc. … Continue reading


Death of Print for Internet Savvy Niches

Hey, remember when I complained that most of the technology publications these days are full of fail? Apparently, this is not a new phenomenon. In fact, this has been going on for years. Eric Sink talked about the untimely demise … Continue reading


MySpace Finally Dead

I head that MySpace is dead. No one actually uses that site anymore. At least that’s what I’m told. I haven’t logged into my account in ages. People have been talking about death of MySpace for several years now. There … Continue reading


Technology Magazines are Full of Fail

I do not buy or read computer/technology related magazines. At some point I decided that they all suck. It’s usually not their fault though. It is just that since they are usually monthly publications they can’t possibly compete with the … Continue reading


Users don’t know bout my tilde

Classic unix web addresses are incomprehensible to average users. I’m talking about URL’s that are composed of a domain name, followed by a slash, a tlide and your user name. Something like this: http://domain.tld/~yourname These addresses are incredibly common. Chances … Continue reading


Free Email Services Look Unprofessional

I can’t help it, but every time I see a yahoo or hotmail email address on a resume, or a piece of official correspondence I cringe. It just looks incredibly unprofessional and tacky! I’m sorry if that offends you in … Continue reading


Email Signatures… 5 Lines or Less!

I really think that Microsoft needs to include a new “feature” in Outlook which would restrict email signature to at most 5 lines of text. You really do not need more than that to list your name, job title, company … Continue reading


I have my own domain squatters

The other day I got the following email. Curiously, Gmail did not flag it as spam which it probably should. Before you read it though, I strongly advise against actually going to the terminally-incoherent.cn website. It is seriously NSFW. And … Continue reading


Don’t Close Comment Threads on Old Blog Posts

A blog without comments section is not a blog – it is a vanity page. To me blogging implies a conversation between the reader and the writer. Often comments may be better than the blog entries themselves. Especially when blogger … Continue reading


Free Wifi

Being a geek, and a developer/sysadmin by trade I sometimes forget how regular people’s brains work. I mean I sort of get that they view technology as magic that can only be understood by unattractive an unpopular people. That element … Continue reading


Gibsonian Concept of Cyberspace is Silly and Outdated

In the early 80’s William Gibson imagined that the young and still developing Internet will one day bloom into Cyberspace. He envisioned it as an abstract plane where your disembodied mind can wander, surfing on the streams of data, and … Continue reading


Google Chrome

Ok, by the show of hands, who has predicted that today’s post will be about Google Chrome? Seriously, I’m getting predictable here but I couldn’t resist picking it up and messing around with it shortly after it was released. My … Continue reading