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As you may have heard already, my desktop is back to working condition. I decided to turn my hardware failure into a positive thing and take the time to upgrade my desktop. Not only did it get a new and … Continue reading


Unix ANSI colors and Windows colors in the same terminal

My windows setup is weird. Well, to be honest windows itself is a weird OS, but I make it even weirder by using Cygwin as my primary shell over there. This is not a perfect solution. In fact it is … Continue reading


PowerShell: Delete Files Smaller than 10MB

Remember how I always talk about redundant backups? Let me tell you a story about what happens when you don’t have them. Few months ago I purchased a 2TB external drive to replace an older LaCie drive that I suspected … Continue reading



Have you ever tried printing something from an iOS device lately? Can you explain to me why Apple decided not to give power users a way to use standard network printing protocols? Apple devices do not to TCP/IP printing. At … Continue reading


Scripting Windows the Unix Way

Sometimes you gots to script windows. If it’s my personal rig I usually just use Cygwin because that’s where all the tools I need reside on Windows boxen. Either that or I just hack in Python which became my replacement … Continue reading


Value too large for defined data type

In my super-massive vim post I have mentioned that CTAGS are the bees-knees of vim lifestyle. A lifestyle which may not be as glamorous as that of marketrioid marsupials for example, but we fucking like it. I just found a … Continue reading


Creating BartPE from Windows XP Dell OEM CD

Live CD’s are great. When I first downloaded and booted up Knoppix, it blew my mind. A whole operating system that runs off a CD. But why not. The concept behind these distributions is simple enough. After all, the kernel … Continue reading


How to make Norton 360 Pishing Filter Go The Fuck Away

Dear internet, please remind me not to do free tech support anymore. Seriously! I mean it. Next time you see me agreeing to this bullshit just smack me upside the head or something. To make a long story short, an … Continue reading


The Strange Case of Missing Hard Drive Space

Few days ago, a user brought us a machine with some irrelevant software related issue. It was a relatively easy fix and we got the machine back to usable state in no time, only to discover something strange. The machine … Continue reading


Vista Disk Usage Bars

There is one feature I actually really do like in Vista, and I wish other environments implemented it as well. Guess what it is? Oh, right… The title of the post sort of gave it away, didn’t it? Yes, I … Continue reading


The Windows 7 FAQ: Stop Asking This Crap

Why do people keep asking me about Windows 7. I don’t care about it. I really don’t! And yet, somehow everyone I meed somehow assumes that the term software developer means no more and no less than guy who knows … Continue reading


Remotely Rename a Computer in a Windows Domain

Here is a nifty trick I learned today: remotely renaming computers joined to a windows domain. Yes, yes – it seems trivial, but if you have ever considered doing it, you would quickly notice that there is no option for … Continue reading

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Forcing IE8 Compatibility Mode in IIS

When I saw IE8 being pushed out via Windows Update I was ecstatic. This meant that in a few months the number of installations of the first semi-standards compliant browser made by Microsoft will reach a critical mass. At that … Continue reading


Dive is not accessible. Parameter is incorrect

I am a software developer by trade and a linux geek by calling so it is not surprising that my family assumes I am the person to call for technical support on their Windows box. Just the other day I … Continue reading


Slow Downloads Under Vista

The more I use Vista the uglier it gets. I swear, I can’t figure out what the hell were they were smoking at Microsoft when they decided this product was ready for production. I swear, Vista has been a bigger … Continue reading


Vista 64 Bit Limited Connectivity (Local Only)

If you are a glutton for punishment and you enjoy pain, despair, hair pulling and cursing at tech support people try this for size: Brand spanking new Dell XPS 630i Vista Home Premium OEM 64 Bit nVidia nForce 10/100/1000 MBps … Continue reading


The New Computer

As you may or may not have heard, I finally got myself a new computer. I’ve been tweeting about it for the past few days, but if you don’t follow me on Twitter or you are not my friend on … Continue reading


Luke’s Definitive Guide for Removing Malware

I get a lot of requests from friends, family and friends of family for MS Windows support – most notably malware removal. You see, I’m a software developer and a Linux user and that somehow qualifies me for this type … Continue reading


Laptop Password Trouble

I hate Mondays. Everyone does, but I have a very spacial, hate fueled relationship with that day. It is irrational to despise a day of the week – after all, it is not even a real concept. It is just … Continue reading


Windows Crufting

Here is a well known fact – windows crufts itself over time. When you do a fresh installation it runs like a dream. Then it deteriorates. Even if you take a good care of your machine – you keep it … Continue reading


Windows cannot connect to the domain…

As you may know, I’m a big fan of virtualization. At work, whenever I need to use Windows only applications, I fire up Virtual Box which is running an instance of Windows XP. A virtual machine like that covers pretty … Continue reading


Please Stop Asking me About Windows 7

Lately, a lot of technology-deficient people have been asking be about Windows 7. Apparently everyone is extremely eager to get off of Vista as soon as possible. I can tell you right now, that the sales of the next release … Continue reading


30 Windows Tools You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

I think it’s time to produce some linkable content up in here. I noticed that most of my posts lately have been esoteric rants, reviews of old games and movies and random stuff that has little significance to people other … Continue reading


Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

As you may recall, I’m a big fan of split keyboards. In general, I believe that if you are the type of person who spends most of their life in front of a computer, you ought to invest in high … Continue reading


Virtual Workspaces

I was going through my Google Reader recently and I saw this post about workspaces and started thinking. Didn’t I do a post like that before? I mean, I probably had to, right? Out of all the topics out there, … Continue reading