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Random musings on the nature of the future, technological singularity, transhumanism and similar topics. This is where I contemplate the directions in which we are taking our civilization, and where I point out instances where yesterday’s science fiction becomes modern day reality.

On YouTube rants…

I have noticed that video is increasingly becoming the preferred communication medium on the web, especially for the younger generations. This is especially noticeable amongst the newly formed gator/puppy set which has spawned in the August that never ended, but … Continue reading

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Technological Convergence

I was talking to a friend the other day and I completely forgot the word for a photo camera. Being bilingual, this is not uncommon for me. Every once in a while I experience a brain fart where I just … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Digital Suicides

Life in a digital world gives us illusion of certain kind of permanence. Each netizen puts out certain amount of content out into the greater web, be it via social media interactions, blogging or code commits on github. We all … Continue reading

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