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Random musings on the nature of the future, technological singularity, transhumanism and similar topics. This is where I contemplate the directions in which we are taking our civilization, and where I point out instances where yesterday’s science fiction becomes modern day reality.

On YouTube rants…

I have noticed that video is increasingly becoming the preferred communication medium on the web, especially for the younger generations. This is especially noticeable amongst the newly formed gator/puppy set which has spawned in the August that never ended, but … Continue reading


Technological Convergence

I was talking to a friend the other day and I completely forgot the word for a photo camera. Being bilingual, this is not uncommon for me. Every once in a while I experience a brain fart where I just … Continue reading


Thoughts on Digital Suicides

Life in a digital world gives us illusion of certain kind of permanence. Each netizen puts out certain amount of content out into the greater web, be it via social media interactions, blogging or code commits on github. We all … Continue reading


Medium, Mobile Technology, Louis CK, Hole in Chest

I have a Medium now, I guess. I’m told that’s what the cool kids do. Actually, I got it because I like to try new things. It’s kinda like with Pintrest. When I signed up for it, everyone was like … Continue reading


Fading into Obscurity Faster than Facebook

Here is an interesting turn of phrase that I heard used in an actual conversation the other day: it is fading into obscurity faster than Facebook. One would think that this should be considered a bit of an oxymoron, because … Continue reading


Hacking Human Memory

Human brain is a wonderfully complex apparatus that we have yet to learn how to replicate and out-perform in-silico. But it is not perfect. Our memory for example is rather unreliable and hard to manage. While memorizing data comes relatively … Continue reading


On Fermi Paradox

Our sun is a relatively young star, and one of millions yellow G-type main sequence stars in the galaxy. A lot of these are surrounded by planetary systems, with one or more large bodies in their respective Goldilocks zone where … Continue reading


Wisdom of the Young and Reckless

You know what’s my worst fear? I mean other than the nightmarish scenario in which all my teeth fall out at the same time as my fingers rot off as I go blind and fall into an endless elevator shaft … Continue reading


Were you born in a wrong decade?

I hear people say this all the time: “I was born in the wrong time period”. I have to say I can’t relate to that sentiment. Unlike most people I know who seem to long after the “good old times” … Continue reading


Destructive Digitization

What is more valuable: a physical object or it’s virtual digitized copy? This is a simple question, but answering it is actually unusually complex. On the surface, a physical object is clearly more valuable because it is made out of … Continue reading


Transhumanity Starts Now

We live in an unprecedented time – a time of brave discovery and forging ahead towards the great unknown. Those of us who are alive right now, or waiting to be born in the next decade or two will be … Continue reading


Robots in Love

I just stumbled upon this rather intriguing anecdote about AI research gone amusingly awry. What amazes me the most about it, is the fact that I would expect it to see it being a plot to a science fiction story, … Continue reading


Humanity: Not an Immutable State

What does it mean to be human? What are characteristics of a human being? Is is ones “humaneness” and immutable state? There is this discussion going around on the internet these days about how technology is changing the way we … Continue reading


Generation Mobile

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you are at a family function, or a party of some sort. People brought their kids with them – little ones. The kind that tend to run around and squeal at the top of … Continue reading


Invoked Computing: augmented reality with bananas

Two weeks ago I talked about really shallow vision of future UI paradigms. Last week, I talked about my own vision in which UI ceases to exist. Sadly there is a big gap between these two extremes, and in the … Continue reading


The Ultimate UI

Last week I talked a bit about the future of UI design. I criticized Microsoft for the lack of vision but I never really tried to counter it with my own. Alas, I am not an UI designer. I do … Continue reading


Mobile Revolution

This is the post in which I attempt to predict the future. A lot of what I say here may be proven wrong in the next decade or two, but since I do not posses any precognitive powers, that is … Continue reading


Common misconceptions about the nature of progress

The other day I was chatting with my dad, and somehow we ended up on the topic of unfortunate accidents frailty of human life. Naturally, being a both a futurist and an optimist I expressed my hope that in a … Continue reading


What’s Next: Gentle Seduction of Technology

How can you tell you are dealing with someone who have never read or watched any science fiction? It’s simple. They think that the current state of the art technology is some sort of pinnacle, and that we can’t really … Continue reading


Immortality: Who wants to live forever

I wrote a rather lengthy post on this topic back in October. I don’t want to repeat myself too much but I think I have few things to add to this discussion. In case you don’t feel like back-tracking and … Continue reading


One day we will be able to feel the Wifi networks

I usually keep WiFi off on my phone, because I feel like it extends the time I can squeeze out of my battery. The power drained by the WiFi circuits may be insignificant compared to that of stuff like push … Continue reading

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I don’t believe in UFO’s

Recently I was accused by someone (who obviously does not read this blog) of being closed minded when I dismissed the whole domain of so called “ufology” with an indignant scoff. Am I a closed minded person guys? I mean, … Continue reading


Did Singularity Already Happen

Technological singularity: a hypothetical event occurring when technological progress becomes so rapid that it makes the future after the singularity qualitatively different and nearly impossible to predict. Most of us assume that this moment in time is still ahead of … Continue reading


The Future Shocked Grandpa Syndrome

Is there some neurological process related to aging that makes people future shocked and fearful of technology at some point in their lives? Is this going happen to me too? I am seriously concerned at this point – I’m going … Continue reading


Dystopias and Utopias

In the Twisted Thicket thread Alex gave me the following challenge: You have a good grasp on the topics of dystopian and utopian worlds. However, I would like to hear your own theory of how we could become both a … Continue reading