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3 Tiny Vim Plugins That Will Make Your Life Easier

There is a religious movement within the Vim community which emphasizes purity of the environment and rejects superfluous plugins and advises adherents to meticulously prune their .vimrc to keep it nearly empty and thus clean from impurities. I personally do … Continue reading


Using Vim for writing Prose

Vim is a great text editor for writing code. Anyone who claims otherwise is either an Emacs user (and you should be OK with that, because Emacs is pretty neat) or a “casual” code wrangler who sometimes dabbles in programming … Continue reading


Source Code Typography

When you run a blog such as this one you usually learn to live with writers block or you quit early. Or perhaps not “writers block” itself but just lack of good ideas for blog posts. My usual way of … Continue reading


Status Line in Vim

If you are following the recent trends in the Vim community you have probably noted the ever growing popularity of Powerline. As the name suggests, it is a very powerful status line generation plugin, but I don’t think that’s why … Continue reading


Writing Vim Plugins in Python

There are few things Vim and Emacs users have in common. One of these things is the fact they can talk together about programatically extending their work environment. You can’t really expect to talk to Eclipse of Visual studio about … Continue reading


Vim: Tabs and Buffers

Lets talk about Vim tabs today, because they seem to be a source of perpetual confusion for new users. Most conventional text editors use tabbed interfaces the same way as web browsers do. You take a file, and load it … Continue reading


Vim Sessions

Vim, like Emacs and most other decent editors (as if there were any other decent editors out there) is an application that ought to only run in a single session on your machine. When using the console version of vim, … Continue reading


Vim Solarized and Tmux

As you may or may not know, I am a big fan of Vim, Tmux and the Solarized theme. Unfortunately, these three components don’t always go together very well. As a rule, I tend to use the dark Solarized theme … Continue reading


Your Top Three Unix Tools

Let’s say you set up a brand spanking new Unix/Linux box somewhere, or gain access to a bran new shell account on which you expect to be doing some work. What are the top three things you install first? I’m … Continue reading


Mobile Lifestyle

If you have me in your Circles on Google+ or follow me on Twitter then you have probably already seen the article I want to talk about. If not, why are you not following or circling me? You totally should! … Continue reading


Vim: The Hidden Power of Customization

If I had to pick my favorite vim customizations, my spell-check key binding would be definitely one of my top picks. Believe it or not, Vim makes me super-efficient at writing not only code, but also prose. Like most editors … Continue reading


Using Vim and Cygwin

One of the great things about Vim is how nicely it integrates with the Unix shell. I love the fact that all the cool unix commands are only a few keystrokes away. For example, when writing README or HOWTO files … Continue reading

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Vim is a usability nightmare

About two weeks ago I got scolded by someone on Twitter for corrupting the young impressionable minds by advocating and evangelizing the use of Vim as a text editing and programming tool. It sparked quite an interesting discussion, and in … Continue reading


Why certain text editors make you more productive

Here is an uncomfortable truth: some text editors will make you more productive than others. You can argue this back and forward, but you know it is not a lie. It is quite possible to write all your code in … Continue reading


Nifty Vim Tricks

Two weeks ago I explained to you why I use vim. Last week, I taught you how to configure it. This week I want to talk about something different: power user stuff. Let’s talk useful vim tricks. Everyone amasses an … Continue reading


Value too large for defined data type

In my super-massive vim post I have mentioned that CTAGS are the bees-knees of vim lifestyle. A lifestyle which may not be as glamorous as that of marketrioid marsupials for example, but we fucking like it. I just found a … Continue reading


How to train your dragon. And by dragon I mean vim. And by train I mean configure.

Last week I posted this long winded persuasive article trying to convince you why using a nearly 40 year old text editor is a good idea. I hope by now I have all of you convinced, or at the very … Continue reading


Why Vim?

People ask me why on Earth would I subject myself to such dreadful text editor as vim. With it’s weird mode system, nonstandard keyboard shortcuts and all kinds of strange quirks it is not what you would call a user-friendly … Continue reading


Putting your Vim files under version control

If you are like me – a computer nomad, roaming from one machine to another throughout the day – you should put your Vim configuration files under source control. Cause, you are using vim, right? If you are not using … Continue reading


Vim – Add Line Numbers

Have I mentioned that I love Vim? It is such a useful little tool. Let me give you an example. The other day someone gave me a messy list – a dump of email addresses from some database as a … Continue reading


The Directional Input Problem

In the Friday discussion thread, Dr. Azrael Tod said something that resonated with me: Problem with vim and its “less work for your fingers” is that i think its the wrong way to solve this problem. As example: vim uses … Continue reading


What is your favorite code editor?

Happy Friday folks! I just wanted to tell you that I didn’t actually have a post ready for today until like midnight. Total writers block. Well, not total – I had couple of things in the queue, but nothing that … Continue reading


Vim Cheatsheet Revisited

Some time ago, I posted a nice little Vim cheat-sheet here. It is sort of my personal sheet that includes the commands that I find useful, and that I forget about a lot. It is divided into logical task based … Continue reading


SIC Codes – SQL for Database Import

I was asked to magicalize something that that will allow for categorizing companies in our database using SIC Codes. SIC is a deprecated standard. It is actually being phased out of use in favor of NAICS codes. But the powers … Continue reading


Vim Cheatsheet

Today’s post is not really a post. It is an attempt to create a workable Vim cheat-sheet. I know that there hundreds vi/vim chat-sheets online, some better than other but naturally none of them is complete and includes all the … Continue reading