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Fallout 3 Has Stopped Working (Fixed)

I realized that I promised to post about my Fallout 3 crash solution at some point. I might as well do it now, while it is still fresh in my memory. Sorry if this post is a little dry, but … Continue reading


Dive is not accessible. Parameter is incorrect

I am a software developer by trade and a linux geek by calling so it is not surprising that my family assumes I am the person to call for technical support on their Windows box. Just the other day I … Continue reading


Making Game Play Videos

There is a billion and one stupid gameplay videos on Youtube made by kids wanting to show off their 1337 pwning skills. Some of them are made by pointing camcorder at the monitor, but the majority are actual screen captures. … Continue reading


Create Arbitrary Sized Sparse Files under Windows and Linux

Apparently there is something to be said about short blog posts. Allegedly I tend to get long winded sometimes and my posts can run a tad verbose sometimes. I usually tell people to STFU and go read Steve Yegge if … Continue reading

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Using CPAN version of WWW::Mechanize with ActiveState Perl on Windows

I end up doing this each time I reinstall windows, and every time I forget how I did it, so I figured I’ll archive the process here. Perhaps it will help some of you. And I know, someone will say … Continue reading


Gutsy on Dell Latitude D830

I got my brand new Dell Latitude D830 laptop today, and the first thing I did with it was installing Gutsy. Dell was nice enough to partition the drive for me so I didn’t have to bother with resizing. This … Continue reading


Installing AUCTex with EmacsW32

Here is part two of my quest to make Emacs my default LaTex IDE on both windows and Linux. Installation and configuration of Emacs and the LaTex add-on AUCTex on Ubuntu was surprisingly easy and uneventful. On windows however I … Continue reading


The Only Way to Browse Myspace

I said it before, and I’ll say it again. MySpace is the new Geocities. It’s the place where everyone takes their first steps in web design, creating very shitty looking pages. The default layout is a revolting abomination built with … Continue reading


Windows: Change Your Default Telnet Handler

At this point I see basically two legitimate uses for telnet: mud’s and nethack. While both forms of entertainment are still popular, they are far from mainstream even in the geekier circles. They have mostly niche audiences, and general public … Continue reading


Logitech VX Revolution in Dapper

I just inherited a Logitech VX Revolution mouse – one of those high end mice that I could not bring myself to buy. And by inherited I mean someone who was leaving dropped off their company laptop with all the … Continue reading


Create and Stream Video With Flash On The Buntu

The other day I was handed a quicktime mov file and told to put it on the company website. The catch was that the file was obscenely large, and we didn’t want the clients to have to download Quicktime or … Continue reading


Howto: Two Way Sync Between Kontact and GCal

Ever wondered how to sync up your Kontact Calendar with your Google Calendar? Me too! But I figured it out. Below you can find step by step instructions on how to set it up. First, you need GCALDaemon. Yes, I … Continue reading


How To Kill Stuff On Linux

You are happily working on your linux box when all of a sudden something freezes and becomes unresponsive. What do you do? Let’s talk about killing today! img © Rossy ℗∑ñℊ⊍ïñ found @ evilpenguins.tribe.net Everything really depends on situation. If … Continue reading


Linux: Quick and Dirty Way to Take Screenshots

Random linux tip – if you don’t feel like dealing with the regular KDE or Gnome based applications or mechanisms for taking snapshots of your screen, there is a simpler and quicker way. You can do it directly from the … Continue reading


Latex: Squeezing the Vertical White Space

Here are some tips on how to “compress” your paper vertically by minimizing white space gaps between elements. I had to do this few days ago when school refused to duplicate my syllabus because it was 14 pages long. I … Continue reading


Resurecting Compaq Presario 1240 with Damn Small Linux

In December I got two old, broken laptops from the relatives. The older, crappier one of them was a 200 MHz Compaq Presario 1240. The machine had only 98 MB of RAM, and a crappy on-board video card. In fact, … Continue reading


Use the 40 Most Common Unix Utilities under Windows

Do you often find yourself missing common Unix utilities such as grep, awk, sed or touch when working under windows? Do you keep typing ls when you really meant dir? If you do, you are in the same boat as … Continue reading


Remapping the Caps Lock Key

Here is a question: when was the last time you used the Caps Lock key on purpose? When was the last time you went “hey, I wish I could type in ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME”! Chances are that unless … Continue reading


Using Covad ADSL with Netopia-3000 and Sonicwall TZ170

I recently got Covad ADSL to act as a backup internet connection. Comcast is fast, and cheap, but not always reliable, and I hate to have downtimes because of them. By default Covad gives you a Netopia-3000 which is a … Continue reading

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Writing Your First WordPress Plugin

I never wrote a wordpress plugin before, so when I set out to learn how they work, I was surprised to see how easy it is to create one. One would think that there would be lot’s of setup and … Continue reading


PHP: Export Query Results to a CSV File

Printing out nicely formated tables in HTML is good, but the downside is that sorting and aggregation options can be sometimes limited. If you didn’t write the code for it, your users won’t be able to do it. This is … Continue reading


Batch Upload Images to ImageShack using Perl

Someone asked about this so I felt compelled to deliver. The question was: “how to batch upload bunch of images to some free image hosting service?” Here is the answer. I picked ImageShack because you don’t need to register it, … Continue reading


How to solve the svchost.exe 100% CPU usage problem

User’s computer exhibited the following symptoms today: System would boot fine, and work without any problems when offline As soon as you connected it to the internet you would see a drastic spike in CPU usage, mainly caused by the … Continue reading


Jade Empire: Outlander (Sir Roderic) Bug Workaround

Last week when I reviewed Jade Empire: Special Edition I mentioned that I encountered a strange bug in the side Outlander side quest. When you defeat Sir Roderic in a debate, and it’s time for combat you are taken to … Continue reading


Disable the Send To Context Menu in Windows

One of the most annoying context menus in Windows is the stupid Send To menu which lets you send the clicked file to various programs, or special folders. Personally I never use it. Some of you may find it extremely … Continue reading