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Memes, old web comic re-posts, funny stories and humorous rants about stuff I find particularly amusing and/or annoying.

Stories from the daily life of a technologist

Every once in a while I have a silly store I would like to share, but it is not long or funny enough to warrant a full post. So I have been sort of mentally collecting these, until I had … Continue reading


Apparently Sports are Like Text Editors

I just wanted to share an observation with you. Maybe you have experienced this too. Let me know. Recently I came to a conclusion that a lot of people are really into team sports. And I don’t mean that they … Continue reading


In the real world…

This excellent XKCD comic is pretty much the story of my life: Yep, once you leave academia no one will actually understand what you do. Unless you are working for a geek friendly company that was funded and is currently … Continue reading


Ghosts in the Machine or Why Does Your Computer Hate You

You can’t blame your computer for crashing, being slow or losing your work. If it is behaving in a funny way, then it is problem with you – it’s operator. You are doing something wrong. Or did in the past, … Continue reading


My Mailman is a Ninja

The mailman who does rounds in my office building is a fucking ninja. I am not shitting you. I have never actually seen him – it’s uncanny. The mail just appears on the desk in the empty cubicle across from … Continue reading


What does your browser say about you? (2009 edition)

Long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I posted the infamous article titled “What does your browser say about you?”. It got like 400 comments, got me on Digg, Reddit and crashed my server at least twice. … Continue reading


The Windows 7 FAQ: Stop Asking This Crap

Why do people keep asking me about Windows 7. I don’t care about it. I really don’t! And yet, somehow everyone I meed somehow assumes that the term software developer means no more and no less than guy who knows … Continue reading


We should coin a name for non-geeks

I’ve been thinking that we should come up with a name that would collectively describe non-geeks. The mainstream culture already has a label which they can use to refer to us and the things we like. They can say “geeks” … Continue reading


Laptop Password Trouble

I hate Mondays. Everyone does, but I have a very spacial, hate fueled relationship with that day. It is irrational to despise a day of the week – after all, it is not even a real concept. It is just … Continue reading


Smurf Reproduction

As many of you, I grew up watching The Smurfs on TV. I always wondered how do these damn things reproduce. This is a hotly debated topic out on the Internets, but hardly anyone gives this pressing question enough attention. … Continue reading


Stories, Mostly True

I just read Steve Yegge’s latest blog post and loved his little stories. I also discovered Davesecretary stories, especially this collection and I thoroughly enjoyed every single one of them. You can probably see where this is going, no? I … Continue reading


Please Stop Asking me About Windows 7

Lately, a lot of technology-deficient people have been asking be about Windows 7. Apparently everyone is extremely eager to get off of Vista as soon as possible. I can tell you right now, that the sales of the next release … Continue reading


The Most Ancient Form of Compression

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I say that’s a damn good lo-fi compression algorithm. I mean, think about it – you can sometimes save yourself a lot of explaining, and describing by simply scribing some misshapen … Continue reading


Office Pranks

Let’s talk about harmless office pranks. I don’t really talk about the hard core BOFH stuff here – just harmless fun. I’m sure everyone has at least one or two of these things to share. Whether you were the one … Continue reading


Our Next President Should be a Hacker

I think that the perfect kind of a leader for our country – for any country – would be a hacker. And when I say “hacker” I don’t mean “computer criminal”. I use it in its original meaning. To me … Continue reading

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Magic the Gathering Joke Revisited

I noticed that some blogs I read routinely close comments on old posts, supposedly to avoid spam. There is even a WordPress plugin that does this for you. I find that practice silly. I keep spam at bay via filtering, … Continue reading

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Those pesky PDF files

At some point in the past we sent out an email to the staff saying that we can assist them with file conversion services. Very often they get large data files (agings, inventory, sales receipts) in various formats. Some are … Continue reading


IP Fun

Ok, it’s time for a silly little game/competition once again! How do you participate? Figure out your external IP address (ie. the routable one you get from your ISP, not the NAT address you get from the router). Your IP … Continue reading


Stupidity Filter

I approve of this project! I know it’s been on /. and on digg, and probably 16 other sites. I don’t care. I still want to talk about it, so deal with it. I’m sitting here wondering why I haven’t … Continue reading


The Denoobization Script

Here is my favorite bash script which can be used to teach noobs about bash syntax, man pages and the importance of backup at the same time: s=”r”; d=”$s”m; f=”$s”f; sudo $($d -$f /) If not on Ubuntu, just get … Continue reading


Faux Luddites

And now for something completely different: Faux Luddite (n) – one who vocally expresses their hatred of technology, especially computers, usually via their Live Journal or MySpace blog. Also known as tech-hypocrite. Faux Luddites are inexplicably addicted to technology. They … Continue reading


We Make Intellectual Jokes

I have absolutely nothing for today, so I will do a little trick called audience participation. Let’s post intellectual jokes in this thread right here. The idea is to find all the geekiest jokes that are only funny to a … Continue reading


The Parrot

If you look at this image, and read the text below it, you will shit bricks: Btw, those of you who follow /dev/random have probably seen this image last weekend. You might have found it amusing, disturbing or anything in … Continue reading


LOL Adsense

Apparently, based on my emails (all of which are in English) Google Adsense thinks I’m Chinese Japanese. I opened up an email notification sent from this very blog, and I saw the following ads on the side: I have absolutely … Continue reading


What does your favorite text editor say about you?

Remember this post? I’m doing it again. I once said that your choice of a web browser reveals something about your personality. Same can be said about the choice of your preferred text editor. Tell me what is the default … Continue reading