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Resurecting the Fansite

Back in the day I used to have a fan site devoted to a pretty Australian actress Gigi Edgley. This is ancient history, and it predates this blog and therefore most of you guys. The website was primitive, clobbered together … Continue reading


Showdown at Area 51

I was flipping channels yesterday, and all of a sudden something grabbed my attention. Hey, this girl looks familiar! As a matter of fact, I actually talked to her once, and I got her autograph! Yay for the 2002 NYC … Continue reading


Gigi Jedi

I just found this pic of Gigi dressed as a jedi, and holding a lightsaber: photo © Neil Davidson [original photo] Here is another one, this time without a robe: photo © Neil Davidson [original photo] Apparently these were taken … Continue reading

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Alien vs. Alien Update

Something tells me that I need a “shit that no one except for me cares about” category around here. But that won’t fit in the sidebar, so instead I’m filing it under Gigi Edgley. I could also file it under … Continue reading


Gigi Edgley Videos

I have more Gigi videos today. These were official releases by her casting agency. Unfortunately whoever designs pages for that firm, thinks that nested iframes are the most awesome thing in the world so the page is funky and retarded. … Continue reading


Gigi Edgley’s Early Work

I just found The Bastard on Google Video! I’m not sure, but this might actually be a student movie or something. It was shot in January of 1998, which means Gigi was 21 at the time, and she was still … Continue reading

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WTF is Alien vs. Alien?

Can someone tell me what is [tag]Alien vs. Alien[/tag] aka [tag]Final Destination[/tag] aka [tag]The Final Frontier[/tag]? All I know is that it is a science fiction movie and [tag]Gigi Edgley[/tag] is in it. Other than that, there is just no … Continue reading


More Gigi Edgley Related Stuff

I wish it was easier to track down information about Gigi and her projects. Unfortunately her official website is useless, and since Farscape ended a long time ago people stopped posting the “where are they now” news on message boards. … Continue reading

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Gigi at Comicon 2006

The Gigi Enthusiast Service has some nice pictures of Gigi Edgley at the ComicCon 2006. I guess this is a good time to do one of my “Farscape Con Stories”. For the record, I went only once, but it was … Continue reading

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Twin Sisters

Is it just me or is Haley Berry stealing Gigi Edgley’s Chiana look in X3? I swear, X3 storm and Chiana look like they were separated at birth: If they painted Haley the same grayish paint, she could play Chiana’s … Continue reading


Gigi Edgley

As you may know I’m a big fan of the little known Australian Actress Gigi Edgley. I had a pleasure to meet her in person at a Farscape con one time, and get her autograph. She has an amazing personality … Continue reading

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The emails I get….

I found this in my mailbox (I took out all the names and other private info): Hi, My name is [name removed] and I met Gigi last week at a Halloween party. I was introduced to Gigi by [name removed] … Continue reading

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Nice Gigi Edgley Pictures

I have never seen these before! Anyone knows how to get the full size versions? Where were these published? All I can say is… Wow… Just Wow. She looks great! All these pictures are (c) Mark Robert Halper. I do … Continue reading

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Interesting Take on Farscape Cancellation

Personally, I haven’t been watching SciFi channel since they have canceled Farscape. Most people however got over it, and moved to bigger and better things. Many are active in SG1 and BSG fandom. While I think BSG has some potential … Continue reading