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Video game reviews, rants about DRM, derogatory comments about console gaming, and the sad state of gaming industry.

What does it mean to be a gamer in 2015?

Do you consider yourself a gamer? What does it mean to be a gamer? I submit it means absolutely, fucking, nothing. There was a brief period in history when this term kinda made sense, as it described those who played … Continue reading


Witcher 3 and Diversity

Witcher 3 is a fun game. It is also a game almost exclusively about white people. There are white humans, white elves, and white dwarfs with Scottish accents, and about a hundred different types of monsters that come in all … Continue reading


This War of Mine

There were four of them in the house. Anton, was the oldest. In his previous life before the war he was a respected mathematician and a professor. When he joined the group, he was so sick could barely stand up. … Continue reading

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Life is Strange: Save Scumming as a Game Mechanic

“Save scumming” has been a video game concept ever since we have invented save states. In the past, abusing the save system was often the only way to win or avoid losing progress. For example, Sierra adventure games liked to … Continue reading


Utility Spells in Video Games

I like utility spells in my video games. By that I mean spells that allow me to do things other than DPS. There is nothing about magic users as a RPG class that dictates that they should be pure damage … Continue reading


Alien Isolation

Alien: Isolation is a fascinating game because of the circumstances that lead to it’s creation. It came on the heels of Sega’s infamous Alien: Colonial Marines title which was a spectacular disaster. A game that was not only the worst … Continue reading

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If you haven’t played Transistor yet, I highly recommend it. It was made by the same team that did Bastion and it features similar isomeric perspective and hack-and-slash derived game-play with an interesting pseudo turn-based combat, and rather unconventional character … Continue reading


Shadow of Mordor

WARNING! This review contains massive spoilers. Back in the 90’s I used to play Middle Earth: The Lidless Eye which was a collectible card game about being a Ringwraith. Unlike Magic The Gathering and similar games, MELE was not as … Continue reading


Sleeping Dogs: Real Gansters Wear Panama Straw Hats

First thing I noticed when I started playing Sleeping Dogs was that it isn’t Watch Dogs. It took me a little while to actually realize this because on the surface the games are nearly identical. You run around and open … Continue reading

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Strong Female Protagonists

There was a comic floating around on reddit the other day which was attempting to “prove” that the complaints about gender diversity in video games are false by listing few dozen “strong female characters” in a rapid fire sequence of … Continue reading


Broken Age: Mog Chothra

In Tim Schafer’s Broken Age, Mog Chothra is a large, nearly indestructible, man eating Lovercraftian monster. It is the latest in the long line of monsters that have been terrorizing the game’s universe for untold centuries. Mogs live and breed … Continue reading

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Let’s have a serious talk about Gamer culture

I have been playing video games most of my life. It all started in middle school. I don’t exactly remember how old I was when one of my friends invited me to his house to check out his brand new … Continue reading


The Banner Saga

Spoiler Warning: this review contains some mild, setting related spoilers. No major plot events are revealed. The gods are dead… – those are the opening words of The Banner Saga. This is a hell of a way to open up … Continue reading



My favorite part of the original DOS version of Prince of Persia was the sword fighting. I didn’t much care for the super hard platforming and the only reason I ever put up with it, was that there was a … Continue reading


Best Game Ever

I’ve been working on little side projects lately, keeping myself busy and also getting back into Warhammer Fantasy Battles (spoiler: probably best game ever) so I kinda neglected writing a super long post for this week. I have noticed that … Continue reading



The Warcraft franchise is a vast, ever growing, almost sentient thing. It includes a number of extremely popular strategic games, the worlds biggest MMO, spawned world’s first MOBA, inspired series of licensed novels, toy lines, an obscure and unpopular tabletop … Continue reading


Kerbal Space Program

In the past month or so, I have written quite a few posts about video games being a storytelling medium. I adore games that have compelling characters and carefully constructed narratives that avoid common tropes. Not everyone shares this opinion. … Continue reading


Gone Home

My relationship with video games has changed over the years. When I was younger, every game was a wondrous journey into the land of entertainment and fun to me. But as I got older and experienced more games, both good … Continue reading



Few weeks ago I wrote about a billion and seven words about Papers Please, which was a indie game that touched me in a rather personal way. Not only did it posses a wickedly dark humor and an absolutely soul-crushing … Continue reading



Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’? commonly abbreviated as HAWP is a web based comedy series that I’ve been on and off following since about 2008. Every once in a while someone will post a link to a recent episode, or I … Continue reading


A few more thoughts on Bioshock Infinite

Back in April, I started writing what was supposed to be a gushing, three part Bioshock Infinite review. I never wrote the third part because, while I thought I had a lot to say about the story I actually didn’t. … Continue reading


Papers, Please

Two weeks ago I reviewed Far Cry 3 which was a mix in terms of quality: really good in some places, really bad in others, offensive at times but really fun throughout. In my eyes, it stood out a bit … Continue reading


Far Cry 3

Spoiler Warning: this review contains massive spoilers. You have been warned. I picked up Far Cry 3 during the Winter Steam Sale and played it throughout the holiday break. I must admit it was a lot of fun. This was … Continue reading


Name That Game 2013

It’s time to play that game in which you stare at a tiny picture with a mosaic of pixelated screenshots and try to make out what game they are from. Yes, it is the Name That Game… um… game. Last … Continue reading


Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns is a really interesting product because it lets us examine whether or not Kickstarter works well as a platform for releasing niche titles. When teams of indie developers first jumped onto the crowd funding bandwagon, there was a … Continue reading