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Technological Convergence

I was talking to a friend the other day and I completely forgot the word for a photo camera. Being bilingual, this is not uncommon for me. Every once in a while I experience a brain fart where I just … Continue reading



If you have followed this blog for any amount of time, you know that I am a big believer in wearable technology. I’m actually kinda bummed out that I mostly missed the boat on Google Glass beta program by not … Continue reading


Is iPhone 5 a disappointment?

In the last few weeks I have talked to quite a few people who are very angry at Apple for the way iPhone 5 came out. Anger, disappointment and strange amount of love for Samsung are dominant emotions during all … Continue reading


Mobile Lifestyle

If you have me in your Circles on Google+ or follow me on Twitter then you have probably already seen the article I want to talk about. If not, why are you not following or circling me? You totally should! … Continue reading


The Digital Lifestyle

Once upon a time we used to do Secret Santa thing at work. It was mostly a perfunctory thing, that no one really treated seriously, except for the 2 or 3 people who came up with the idea and actually … Continue reading


What OS is on your Phone?

Out of sheer curiosity, what kind of OS do you guys run on your phones? If you have followed this blog for a while, you know I’m a big fan of the iPhone and that most of the time I … Continue reading


Generation Mobile

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you are at a family function, or a party of some sort. People brought their kids with them – little ones. The kind that tend to run around and squeal at the top of … Continue reading


The Future is Here: Google Glasses

Few weeks ago I have reported that we are skipping Halting State and going into Rainbow’s End mode with Augmented Reality contacts becoming commercially available around 2014. It turns out that the good folks at Google decided jumping ahead of … Continue reading


The Technology of Rainbow’s End is Here

In 2006 Vernor Vinge wrote Rainbow’s End – a novel in which he depicted a near future world where wearable computing and HUD contact lenses have replaced traditional computers. He wrote about a world in which augmented reality delivered directly … Continue reading


Future of UI Design

Let me start this off by sharing a cute “futuristic” video about possible future of the mobile technology. Please keep in mind that this was created by folks at Microsoft so you won’t actually see any innovative ideas or ground … Continue reading


iPhone Tips and Tricks

It is that time of the year again. New iPhone was just released, and just like every year this means an influx of new users. This year the number is bolstered by the epic failure of RIM that took millions … Continue reading


Augmented Reality HUD Glasses

This might just be an aftermath of reading Halting State, but lately I have been wondering why don’t we have affordable HUD glasses yet. I’m not talking about ocular input / eye tracking stuff – just a nice HUD overlay … Continue reading


Halting State by Charles Stross

Halting State is definitely one of Charlie Stross’ low end books. It is nowhere near as impressive and intellectually stimulating as Accelerando or Glasshouse. I’d probably put it in the same category as Singularity Sky. Still, it is quite interesting … Continue reading

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What’s Next: Gentle Seduction of Technology

How can you tell you are dealing with someone who have never read or watched any science fiction? It’s simple. They think that the current state of the art technology is some sort of pinnacle, and that we can’t really … Continue reading


Which Smart-Phone platform do you use?

As you may have noticed, I recently jumped ship and switched my Blackberry for a brand spanking new iPhone. And I would never go back. RIM phones just can’t compare with modern phones running iOS or Android. It’s like night … Continue reading


Touch Screen Gaming

Phone gaming…. Do you guys remember the time when this used to be an oxymoron? My first cell phone had the snake game… Actually, maybe that was my second phone. Either way, it was one of the first I owned. … Continue reading


iPhone 4

Good news everyone, I just upgraded my exo-cortex! And by that I mean that I got a bran new phone. Yes, the venerable blackberry was retired and replaced by the spiffy new Verizon iPhone, which I’m told is better than … Continue reading


Mobile Web Browsing

As you may or may not know, I am one of the unhappy users of a Blackberry Storm. The storm is not actually such a horrible phone. I was pretty happy with it when I first got it. But then … Continue reading


Developping Blackberry Applications

Few months ago, I got myself a Blackberry Storm. It is a neat little device whose main fault is essentially the fact that it is not an iPhone. It’s essentially a hybrid. On one hand it tries to be more … Continue reading


Blackberry Storm

Few weeks ago I wrote about my dilemma in choosing a smart phone. I really wanted an iPhone, but I didn’t want the AT&T service that came attached with it. So I ended up buying the cell phone market equivalent … Continue reading


Smart Phone Advice

Dear Internets, please advise me on the choice of a decent smart phone. You see, I really want an iPhone but I’m with Verizon and it really doesn’t make much sense for me to switch providers at the moment. Most … Continue reading


Show me your Cell Phone

None of my readers fessed up to owning an iPhone yet. So what phones do you guys have? I have a Samsung SCH-A670 which kinda looks like this: I had it for a while, and while it served me well, … Continue reading


Did anyone get the iPhone yet?

It’s funny, but no one at my work got one yet, but they don’t seem to be able to shut up about it. As sweet as it might be I’m definitely not getting one because: I have Verizon I don’t … Continue reading