Here is a short list of most popular posts and articles. A number of these have been on the front page of Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon and other services at one time or another.

  • The Firewall Saga

    A seven part saga about a firewall that broke, and a series of unfortunate events that surrounded its replacement. Starring: the intern, agent beef, crack team of time-dilating network dudes and more.

  • Why Vim?

    My persuasive argument as to why one should use Vim and not some other text editor. It was briefly featured on the front page of Hacker News which caused my server to catch on fire and melt down a little bit. It got better since then.

  • What does your browser reveal about you?

    This post was actually on Digg front page once upon a time (back when dig still was a place to go) and it crashed my server many times over a period of several days. The idea behind it is fairly simple – tell me which browser you use and I will tell you who you are. Note that the list is quite outdated by today’s standards.

  • What does your favorite text editor say about you?

    Similar to the post above. Tell me what text editor you use and I will make wildly inaccurate assumptions about your personality.

  • A day without X

    This one actually ended up on reddit. I teach you how to survive a day without starting up the X server, by introducing you to a large number of command line linux applications.

  • Dear Lusers: Learn 2 Internet

    I school lusers on how to use the interwebs the right way. Post gets on Stumbleupon and then a host of wild lusers appears out of nowhere to tell me I misspelled the word “looser”. Quite hilarious.

  • Zombie Survival Plan

    We all share and discuss plans for surviving a Zombie Apocalypse. Fun and informative. This post may save your life one day.

  • Why LaTex is superior to Office

    A long discussion in which I outline my philosophy on WYSIWYG paradigm, and why I think markup languages such as HTML and LaTex and much better than regular Office Suites when it comes to writing, editing and designing documents.

  • Immortality: Consciousness Interruption Problem

    One of the deepest and most rewarding philosophical discussions I have had on this blog. Read my thoughts on “restoring from backup” as it applies to human minds, and then stay for the great debate in the comments.

  • Lightweight Browser Rundown

    Similar to my Day Without X list, but this one focuses on lightweight web browsers – bot command line ones, as well as those with light UI’s with small memory footprints.

Here are a few posts that never die and keep getting comments and activity, despite being several years old. Those are not as interesting as they are useful:

  • LaTex: Fixing Wrong Figure Numbers

    Every semester around the time people need to submit their term and thesis papers this one gets lots of hits. It’s basically a post explaining a peculiar way LaTex tends to behave when printing out figure numbers.

  • Few Useful Netcat Tricks

    A list of useful tricks you can do with the swiss army knife of networking tools.

  • Remove Stuck Jobs from Printer Queue

    Also known as the “print spooling sucks in windows, and what to do about it” post.

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