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Ubuntu Hardy on Compaq Presario 1240 (Living Without X)

Well, the Nethack Server is gone. I know that couple of people played on it, and Anthony even ascended but it is now gone. It was actually off line for months now and I didn’t even notice. It got knocked … Continue reading


Adding Comments to Tumblr

Someone asked me about this so here it is. I realized that adding comments to your Tumblr is not as straightforward as it may seem. Here is how you want to do it.: Sign up for a Haloscan account Go … Continue reading


Run PNGOUT on all PNG Files in a Folder

Here is a quick registry hack to add a new entry “Run PNGOUT on Folder” to your context menu. It will iterate through all the files in the directory, and run PNGOUT on every PNG file it finds. It will … Continue reading

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Get a md5 of a string on a command line

One of the web applications I maintain stores md5 hashes in the database, instead of the actual passwords. This is a good practice – passwords are not stored in plain text, and knowing the has still does not give you … Continue reading


Tweaking Firefox User-Agent Value

Recently I noticed that on most of my comments, the browser detection plugin identifies my OS as Linux. When I went back and looked at some of my past comments, they were correctly identified as Ubuntu Linux. This confused me … Continue reading


Hard Links and Junctions in Windows

Did you know that [tag]NTFS[/tag] supports [tag]hard links[/tag]? This is an interesting tidbit about windows that not many people know about. But let me quickly explain what is a hard link to the clueless windows people. Imagine the following file … Continue reading


Time Logging Script

I think I found this tip at Lifehacker at some point and decided to implement it. The idea is simple – you set up a script that will ask you what you are currently doing every hour or so, and … Continue reading


How do you lock down XP Home?

In lieu of the privilege escalation hax I started to wonder what exactly do you need to do to lock down an XP Home machine. In XP pro you can use the group policies to limit what user can do … Continue reading

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Local Privileges Escalation in WinXP

Did you know that you can escalate you can become the SYSTEM user on a WinXP box simply by using the at command? Try this at home: at 11:45pm /interactive cmd.exe You just scheduled a job that will pop up … Continue reading

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Kubuntu WPC54G v1.2 + ndiswrapper – Final Solution

I finally solved my ndiswrapper issue. If you remember my previous rants, I could never get WEP to work with my Linksys WPC54G v1.2 card. It simply wouldn’t work for me. I think the problem was not with me but … Continue reading

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Snurching Slashdot Futurama Quotes

If you are a slashdot reader, you probably know that the site sends out silly Futurama quotes with it’s headers. They are contained in custom fields like X-Fry, X-Bender, X-Leela and etc… Here is an example of a typical slashdot … Continue reading

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Text Dumping PDF files

The other day I got a request to convert a PDF file into a text file or something that could be imported to Excel. The was essentially some big accounting mumbo-jumbo full of numbers arranged in columns with fancy headings. … Continue reading