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Two Factor Authentication

Let’s talk about Heartbleed for a second, shall we? Perhaps not about the bug itself, but rather about it’s real world ramifications. What does a small implementation mistake mean for an average citizen of the web? Well, probably the most … Continue reading


Passwords are Inherently Insecure

Passwords are really bad from security standpoint. They positively, absolutely suck. You know how I know that? Because I can actually remember a lot of peoples passwords, that I never asked for. People just tell them to me while I … Continue reading


How not to get infested: a short security guide

The internet is like a cheap, dirty, run down, disease ridden whore house in a bad part of the town. You probably shouldn’t be going there in the first place, but if you go in unprotected you can bank on … Continue reading


What is your stance on password sharing with significant others?

I’m sort of continuing with my data privacy rant from Friday, but this time I want to bring it around and talk about another privacy aspect. This comes up every once in a while in conversations, and my opinion usually … Continue reading


Apparent Security

Physical security in corporate environment is serious business. I spent most of my life working for small companies which didn’t really require top notch physical access constraints or security features. Last one to leave bolts the front door and turns … Continue reading


McAfee Auto Renewal

I just retired one of the old computers in the house and remembered it was running McAfee and was subscribed to their auto-renewal program. Since I no longer had use for that McAfee license I decided to opt-out of the … Continue reading


Luke’s Definitive Guide for Removing Malware

I get a lot of requests from friends, family and friends of family for MS Windows support – most notably malware removal. You see, I’m a software developer and a Linux user and that somehow qualifies me for this type … Continue reading


Academic Advising Facepalm

My lovely university never ceases to amaze me. Every semester without fail, they do something so monumentally stupid that I can’t help but go: This has been going on since my freshman year. So 4 years of college, 2.5 years … Continue reading


Hacking in Hollywood

I said this before, and I’ll say it again – I can’t stand Hollywood movies about hackers or hacking. I just can’t deal with that shit. The classic Hackers is possibly the single notable exception to this rule. And that’s … Continue reading


Commentary on the Palin Email Thing

I know that I promised not to talk about politics on this blog. You get some of that in the form of politically charged funnies at /dev/random and short bursts of venom on twitter. I don’t really want to become … Continue reading


No One Uses GPG With Outlook

Some time ago my boss found himself a new pony, named it SECURITAR and decided to ride it around office every other week talking about policies, improvements and all that jazz. I don’t really mind – it is a positive … Continue reading


Online Celebrity status and Social Engineering: Ze Frank Steals Your Facebook

Most of you probably know about Ze Frank. If you don’t you should go and watch The Show right now. It was one of the most insightful, hilarious and nutty online shows that I have ever seen. It was not … Continue reading


The name of your first pet is to short!

I previously ranted about strange password restrictions that disallow usage of special characters such as spaces or alphanumerics. This time I want to complain about another boneheaded security feature out there – word length restrictions on your “secret” password recovery … Continue reading


The Death of CAPTCHA

For a while now we knew that CAPTCHA‘s were becoming irrelevant. There were a great solution when they were first introduced, but I think that everyone knew that they are not going to be around for a long time. The … Continue reading


Free Public Wifi Epidemic

Here is a question for you. Have you noticed a strange, non functioning, un-encrypted ad-hoc wireless network occasionally popping up on your Wifi network list in your area? Yeah, I did too. When I first saw it at work, I … Continue reading


Cylons don’t use Encryption

Let me preface this post by saying that I nitpick because I love. It seems that what started as a random nitpick will turn into a whole series of posts wot the “Cylons don’t use” in the title. This one … Continue reading


Virtualizing the Security Layer

I was in the City the other day, listening to a somewhat interesting talk on computer security. For my readers who are not from the area, let me explain. When we NJ dwellers say “The City” (in capitals), we mean … Continue reading


Creating Encrypted USB Drives with TrueCrypt

I discovered a neat TrueCrypt trick the other day while searching for products that would encrypt flash drives on the fly. I never noticed it before but it has an option to create a “travel disk”. It’s right there in … Continue reading


Pishing Ain’t Easy

Yesterday evening I created a small pishing demo for my class tonight. I essentially scraped the ebay login site, and made the POST action on the login form forward to a an aptly named pwnt.html. The idea was to illustrate … Continue reading


Symmetric Encryption: The Password Problem

Folks at Wachovia recently decided that all the confidential information they exchange with contractors and field examiners via email and the internet must be encrypted using at least 128 bit AES. Good for them! I applaud this move but then … Continue reading


The Pop Culture Hacker Image is Deterimental to Real Security

You guys probably know my stance on the usage of the word hacker. You probably also know that the pop culture image of a hacker cultivated by Hollywood annoys the hell out of me. People think that hackers are some … Continue reading


Anti Virus Apps and Performance

Please excuse me while I go on yet another pointless rant. But let’s start from the beggining. My brother was complaining that his rig was getting slow, so I decided to check out his machine. Turns out he was running … Continue reading


Wi-Fi Security

This really cracked me up. Apparently someone got fed up with asshole neighbors leaching off their wireless connection. So they did the only thing they could possibly do: I really find it incredible that this person had enough know-how to … Continue reading


Strange Password Restrictions

I find it very odd when websites put strange restrictions on what your password can be. I keep noticing it because I tend to use long passwords or passphrases with spaces and special characters in them whenever I can. Some … Continue reading


The “Part Time Job Offer” Scam

Since documenting various email scams such as the UK National Lottery Scam, and the Lady Rita Mosley Scam turned out to be really helpful to so many people, I decided to tackle another spam that appeared in my mailbox recently. … Continue reading