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This is my Sysadmin knowledge base. When I started this blog, I used to use it as my personal knowledge base. Every time I learned something new in my IT related jobs and projects, I would post about it so that I could easily find it later. The blog became my in-silico exomemory of sorts. Here is where I file my Linux and Unix related articles as well as Windows centric posts.

Using BTSync Behind a Corporate Firewall

BitTorrent Sync is pretty neat. I have been using it ever since Scott recommended it in the quintesential backup thread of 2013. It even made it onto my big list of essential tools. It provides a nice alternative to cloud … Continue reading

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Risk averse Workflows, or Why CEO’s Keep Losing Files

Let’s talk about workflows. If you are a white collar worker, chances are that you spend most of your day creating or editing digital files. Whether you are a programmer, sysadmin, accountant, salesman or a CEO, you will be spending … Continue reading

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Zero Effort Link Minification with WordPress

If you have ever linked to my blog, you might have noticed that my URL’s are absolutely monstrous in size. Not only is my long domain name rather long, but I also happen to use the “pretty” style of permalinks … Continue reading

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