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This is my Sysadmin knowledge base. When I started this blog, I used to use it as my personal knowledge base. Every time I learned something new in my IT related jobs and projects, I would post about it so that I could easily find it later. The blog became my in-silico exomemory of sorts. Here is where I file my Linux and Unix related articles as well as Windows centric posts.

Using BTSync Behind a Corporate Firewall

BitTorrent Sync is pretty neat. I have been using it ever since Scott recommended it in the quintesential backup thread of 2013. It even made it onto my big list of essential tools. It provides a nice alternative to cloud … Continue reading


Risk averse Workflows, or Why CEO’s Keep Losing Files

Let’s talk about workflows. If you are a white collar worker, chances are that you spend most of your day creating or editing digital files. Whether you are a programmer, sysadmin, accountant, salesman or a CEO, you will be spending … Continue reading


Zero Effort Link Minification with WordPress

If you have ever linked to my blog, you might have noticed that my URL’s are absolutely monstrous in size. Not only is my long domain name rather long, but I also happen to use the “pretty” style of permalinks … Continue reading


Spectacular Computer Failures: The Next Generation

If you have been wondering why blog post have been scarce lately, it is partly because my computer blew up again. Yes, the new one that I bought in September. If you have been following along, you might remember that … Continue reading


Installing Arch Linux on the PogoPlug

Back in 2012 I wrote about how I set up a $30 linux server by installing Debian Squeze on a PogoPlug. I have been using the device for close to two years, but it died. I grabbed an identical replacement … Continue reading


Spectacular Computer Failures: Part 2

My PC has died once again. This has happened before but it turned out to be a video card failure. I was able to identify the problem by listening to the beep-codes, ordered a new card and I was back … Continue reading


WordPress: Vanishing Categories

Roughly a month or so ago, something weird happened to this website. It was one of those weird and a bit scary glitches that make you question your own sanity because they come out of nowhere and they have seemingly … Continue reading


Super Lazy Provisioning with Vagrant

It has been almost a year since I posted anything even remotely related to my php series. I guess I should have suspected that SITS would be the death-kneel for the project. It seemed like a good, small sized project … Continue reading



As you may have heard already, my desktop is back to working condition. I decided to turn my hardware failure into a positive thing and take the time to upgrade my desktop. Not only did it get a new and … Continue reading


You Need Backups

Quick question: is your data backed up? If I walked into your house right now with a garden hose, grabbed your computer and hurled it out the window, how much data would you lose? If it would be any more … Continue reading


Spectacular Computer Failures

If you follow me on Twitter you probably already know about my hardware failure. If you don’t… Well. why you should! Seriously, sign up for that thing and click on the bird to become my follower. The number of followers … Continue reading


Unix ANSI colors and Windows colors in the same terminal

My windows setup is weird. Well, to be honest windows itself is a weird OS, but I make it even weirder by using Cygwin as my primary shell over there. This is not a perfect solution. In fact it is … Continue reading


100 Most Frequently Asked Help Desk Questions and Answers

I have been working in IT for way to many years to be still considered a sane and well adjusted individual. After you spend a few years in this industry you realize that some questions asked by users keep recurring … Continue reading


The Least Useful Key

What is the most useless key on your keyboard? It would probably be grammatically correct to say “least useful” rather than most useless, but I actually want to talk about keyboard keys that excel at uselessness. Keys you would actually … Continue reading


Informative MOTD

Here is something that I usually like to do when I set up new servers: create informative Message of the Day that will remind me what this server is all about and where do things live on it and maybe … Continue reading


WordPress 3.5: Blank Revisions Without Author

I don’t know if any of you guys use WordPress on a regular basis. Probably not, because true geeks use Jekyll to blog these days. I don’t blame you. I love it too but a site of this size and … Continue reading

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Command Line Package Management on Windows

It was always my opinion that the “installer wizard” is a suboptimal method of delivering and deploying applications on client machines. Compared to the default (preferred) ways of installing applications on other platforms, the process of downloading and clicking through … Continue reading

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What’s in your Bash Prompt?

I spend a great deal of time on the command line. That’s how I usually manipulate files, do little maintenance tasks, run tests from and etc. Because of this I like to make that environment nice to look at. I … Continue reading


Bash Tips and Tricks

We haven’t done one of these threads in a while have we? Let’s share our favorite shell tips and tricks. I’ll talk about Bash because that’s what I use in my day-to-day work. If you happen to be Zsh user, … Continue reading


Ubuntu Disk Cleanup

This fine morning KDE greeted me with a particularly nasty warning: Seems like it is time for some spring cleanup… And by spring, I of course mean winter. But where to start? Well, the best place is usually to nuke … Continue reading


Version Control for Regular People

Here is something I always tell to fledgling programmers, interns and the like: if you have made something, and it would take you more than 5 minutes to recreate it from scratch, it needs to be under version control. Why? … Continue reading


Pam’s Peculiar Printer Problems

Every IT department has “regulars” – users who submit tickets so frequently they ought to be issued customer loyalty cards. Users whose computers spend more time on the help desk bench than on their desks. Users who use the Ash … Continue reading


Vim Solarized and Tmux

As you may or may not know, I am a big fan of Vim, Tmux and the Solarized theme. Unfortunately, these three components don’t always go together very well. As a rule, I tend to use the dark Solarized theme … Continue reading


Your Top Three Unix Tools

Let’s say you set up a brand spanking new Unix/Linux box somewhere, or gain access to a bran new shell account on which you expect to be doing some work. What are the top three things you install first? I’m … Continue reading


Using Vim and Cygwin

One of the great things about Vim is how nicely it integrates with the Unix shell. I love the fact that all the cool unix commands are only a few keystrokes away. For example, when writing README or HOWTO files … Continue reading

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