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Python: Increase Your Zen, Maximize Your Hapiness

The philosophy of Python can be summed up in a single line: python -m this When I first discovered Python it still had that ugly, pixelated green snake logo all over their website, and the documentation was all like “Monty … Continue reading


Student Webspace in the Cloud: Google App Engine

Do you ever feel that siren call of code that needs to be written? Sometimes I get an idea into my head, and then spend the next few days thinking about little else. I’m thinking about the code in the … Continue reading


Python: Tips and Tricks

As you may have noticed, I have been messing around with python quite a bit lately. I remember trying it out back in college and using it on few small projects and then abandoning it for a while. Then I … Continue reading


Python: Open the Most Recent Log File

Lately I have been on a Python kick. You know, just in case you haven’t noticed it based on the new outcrop of Python centric posts around these parts. In addition to Google App Engine related stuff I’ve been doing, … Continue reading


Generating Random Pronoucable Passwords

Here is an interesting problem: how to generate sufficiently random but semi-pronounceable, and easy to remember passwords. I mean, putting together a random password generator is easy – just pick bunch of random character from a pool of printable symbols … Continue reading


Character mapping must return integer, None or unicode

The other day I implemented a simple rot13 function in python like this: from string import ascii_uppercase as upper, ascii_lowercase as lower, maketrans def rot13(text): rot13_alphabet = upper[13:]+uc[:13] + lower[13:]+lc[:13] rot13_transform = maketrans(upper+lower, rot13_alphabet) return text.translate(rot13_transform) Yes, I know there … Continue reading


Exchanging Files Over the Network the Easy Way

The age old problem: how do I send you these files with the least amount of effort. Have you ever been is this situation? You need to send bunch of files to another person sitting 3 feet away from you. … Continue reading


Google AppEngine: URL Rewriting

Back in February I showed you how to create a nice looking, dynamic home page on Google AppEngine. This implementation had major flaw – namely ugly URL’s. I have set it up so that the name of the page to … Continue reading


Running a Blog on Google Appengine

Last week, I talked about setting up a dynamic personal web page on Google AppEngine. I mentioned that it would be possible to grow and expand your page beyond the simplistic informational page I have shown you. More specifically, I … Continue reading


Python, Telnet and GUI-fying Legacy Apps

Today I want to talk about telnet. Yes, telnet is stupid and you should use ssh. Sometimes you can’t though. For example if there is some old legacy app that is sitting on some remote server that is not even … Continue reading


First Programming Language – Python/Ruby?

A little while ago we had an interesting discussion on what programming language should be taught to CS majors. I think that overwhelming number of people agreed that C++ is a solid choice because provides students with a very solid, … Continue reading


Configuring Python’s Easy Install on Windows

I ran into an interesting issue with easy_install the other day. What is easy_install? Let me answer by analogy: easy_install is to Python like Gems are to Ruby. In other words, it is an apt-get like application that will automatically … Continue reading


Dynamic Method Creation in Python

I like to use this example to totally freak out Java people. Cool dynamic languages such as Python or Ruby allow you to modify the definition of any class on the fly. Javascript let’s you do that too, but then … Continue reading

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