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Music of White Noise for Productivity

What is your stance on listening to music while working? Some people swear by it, and claim it helps them to concentrate but I suspect they are blatant lairs. Either that or people are just different than me – but … Continue reading


Flashlight Laser that Burns FTW!

This is officially awesome: This would be so much better than playing with magnifying glass on a sunny day. I wish I had one of these when I was a kid. You know, we would really put it to use. … Continue reading


How to talk to Dell Phone Support

People always tell me that Dell warranty phone support is utterly useless. I disagree. I think they are pretty good dispensers of free replacement hardware. I’m usually able to get a replacement part that I need in 15-20 minutes without … Continue reading


Cut a 9V bettery to get bunch of a AAAA’s

I’m filing this under “cool shit I didn’t know about”. It turns out that if you cut a standard 9V Duracell you will get 6 small 1.5V battery cells which are essentially your standard AAAA batteries: images © axecollector.com Interesting. … Continue reading


Multiply Numbers by Drawing Lines

This is awesome: Metacafe vodeo link found via haha.nu I think this could be a cool educational tool to teach kids multiplication on large numbers. I’m guessing there is some mathematical theory that proves how it works. [tags]lifehack, multiplication, cool, … Continue reading


Samsung A670 Dust Gathering Under Faceplate

My Samsung A670 has a little dust problem. The phone has a transparent window on the faceplate that reveals a secondary LCD which is usually used to display a clock and/or caller ID details. The faceplate window surface and the … Continue reading

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Time Logging Script

I think I found this tip at Lifehacker at some point and decided to implement it. The idea is simple – you set up a script that will ask you what you are currently doing every hour or so, and … Continue reading


Fixing your Dell Axim X5 Pocket PC

Here is a tip for owners of a Dell Axim X5 PocketPC. With time the screen alignment on your device may deteriorate. Especially if you are like me, and you usually carry it in your pocket without a case. Mine … Continue reading


Worst Advice Ever

Don’t you love when someone posts a piece of really, really bad, clueless advice on a popular blog, all the cool kids repeat it over and over again? Instructables made a silly suggestion that you should keep your pait brushes … Continue reading


How to pull an all-Nighter?

I was reading Lifehacker, and I found this article about pulling all-nighters. It’s all nice and dandy but there is nothing in that article that wouldn’t be common sense, and self explanatory. What is the point of giving advice such … Continue reading