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Pretty Deadly

Back in my review of Ocean at the end of the Lane I mentioned that works of Neil Gaiman have a unique, recognizable style and mood. Gaimain is the undisputed master of mixing modern sensibilities with folk myth and magical … Continue reading


Rat Queens

When you play D&D (or any kind of classic fantasy Role Playing Game) the game universe crafted by your GM is typically laden with certain game specific tropes. Because it is a collaborative medium, and because it is a game … Continue reading


Midas Flesh

Do you ever have those weird 4am conversations where you try to apply half remembered science to pop culture or folk stories? Like for example what happens to conservation of mass when Megatron transforms into a handgun? Or how real … Continue reading


This is Marvelous

I was planning to write a short blurb about the new Batgirl costume design, and then Marvel decided to be awesome and this redesign is no longer even relevant or important. But let’s talk about it for a few seconds … Continue reading



Saga made by the creative duo of Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples is one of the hottest selling comic book series on Comixology. There is a reason for that. It is a damn good comic book. Few months ago … Continue reading



I have noticed that my comics category is almost entirely devoid of content. It’s not like I don’t read comic books either. I guess I’m just a bit more picky about what I read. If I had this blog back … Continue reading


Battle Angel Alita

I just realized that I have never actually written about one of my favorite manga series of all time. This seems like a grave omission. After all, I wrote about my favorite European graphic novel back in 2009. Time to … Continue reading



What comic books did you read as a kid? Me? I grew up reading Thorgal and Funky Koval and Chninkel. These graphic novels were way above my maturity level, and I would be oblivious to their more complex nuances, but … Continue reading


Which Webcomics do you Read?

I’m doing yet another link dump like post. Sorry about that. I will get these out of my system soon. In the meantime they allow me to knock out a few quick posts in a rather short amount of time … Continue reading


Sandman: First Impression

I grew up on comic books. However, since I was growing up in post communist Poland my first comic book fascinations were stuff like Capitan Kloss, Funky Koval, and Thorgal. Especially the last two titles were bit more serious titles, … Continue reading

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Super Heroines

This is totally random, but here: found @; click for full size original I think Power Girl is suffering from some sort of boobsplosion syndrome, but other than that it’s an awesome wallpaper image. I’m not really up to … Continue reading