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Sunday Posting Suspended

I’ve been running this blog on a 7 day schedule for quite a while now. I pretty much got it down to science, cranking out posts out on time. Recently though I noticed that this self imposed schedule started becoming … Continue reading

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Hitman The Movie

Uh! Oh! They finally released a trailer for the Hitman movie: Hitman Trailer video The good news is, that Vin Diesel is not in it. Not that I have anything against the fucking Riddick. Say what you want, but the … Continue reading


Vinni Puh – LOL!

I have to say that I actually like this Russian version of Winnie the Pooh better than the Disney one. Check it out for yourself. The Disney Pooh is a likable, gullible dofus. Vinni Puh on the other hand fucking … Continue reading


RGX Girl – Rachel Specter

Rachel Specter, aka RGX Bodyspray Girl makes me want to go to the store and buy it right now. :mrgreen: Apparently she will be on a new Comedy Central show Not Another High School Show. [tags]racher specter, rgx, rgx bodyspray, … Continue reading


Microsoft Redesigning iPod Package

Ok, this is almost a year old, but still I lol’d: youtube link found @ boingboing Heh, I just glanced at the old Visual Studio box lying on a shelf here and it perfectly mirrors the design ideas outlined in … Continue reading

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The Touch of Death

I thought this was kinda awesome: youtube link; found via prezwho.com Is this stuff for real? I don’t really care. I want it to be real! Part of me wants to go get some electronic equipment there and monitor the … Continue reading


Wanna loose weight? Get AIDS!

Marketing 101: choosing a product name that is a homonym with a deadly disease is a poor business move: Google Video Link I wonder if Matt and Tray were inspired by this commercial when they wrote that South Park episode … Continue reading


Series of Tubes the Movie

Hey kids! What do you get wen you combine a summer horror movie and Ted Steven’s net neutrality speech? Is it ham?* No, silly! Guess again! Enormous amounts of information… On a truck! Nope! Apparently you get an even scarier … Continue reading

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Smartass Vader

Holly crap, this is funny: link via haha.nu [tags]vader, star wars, video, youtube[/tags]

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The Amazing Screw-on-Head

Scifi channel is hosting a pilot of a brand new, trippy animated show titled “The Amazing Screw-on-Head“. Apparently they are trying to see whether or not it is worth it to pick it up for a season or two. The … Continue reading

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Burning Safari

Check out this awesome animated movie. Little Fuchikoma like aliens go on an Earth safari and meet a monkey. click to watch I love it. Great animation, cute characters, and very dynamic action. It’s a joy to watch. [tags]burning safari, … Continue reading

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Viral Pirate Song

That stupid Pirate Song is officially stuck in my head now. I think this is going to be the new anthem of p2p generation. :P Apparently the actual song was actually pulled from that weird, annoying kids show called Lazytown. … Continue reading

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Stewart + Hodgman + Net Neutrality

Here is another Net Neutrality video from John Stewart. This time he pairs up with John “I’m a PC” Hodgman: alternate link [tags]john stewart, net neutrality, john hodgman, daily show, humor[/tags]


Superman in College

This video cracked me up. Click on the image to get to the vid: video © umpatriots Sigh… How come no one does silly stuff like that at MSU? [tags]superman, umpatriots, college, college humor, silly, video[/tags]


Saving YouTube Movies

Ever found a YouTube video that you really liked, and wanted to keep? Saving your favorite clip can often be very tricky. That’s because YouTube and bunch of other sites (like Google Video) convert their videos to a flash based … Continue reading


John Stewart on Net Netutrality

This might be the best summary of the Net Neutrality madness out there. It has everything including excerpts of Ted Stevens’ speech, animated illustrations of tubes, and witty commentary from John Stewart. Watch it: I think that Ted Stevens single … Continue reading

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Vader vs. Japanese Police

Hehe, this is funny: [tags]japanese police, japanese video, vader, darth vader, star wars, humor, funny[/tags]

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Original Unaired Buffy Pilot

Most people acknowledge the fact that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a good show. Even if you personally hated it, you can’t ignore the frenzied online following that it spawned. It was big. The creators found a formula that made … Continue reading

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The Real Pirates

Every time I rent a movie from blockbuster, I am forced to watch that fucking dumb anti-piracy advertisement. Thank you MPAA for reminding me how much I hate your guts. I really, really enjoy when you shove your crappy propaganda … Continue reading

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I just found this video via ExtraLife. Watch it. It’s great!

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This is so cool!

If you are into old 2D beat’em up arcade games you might love this. It’s a sprite based machinima with a bizarre, twisted anime like style. It features a baby pirate, evil squids, zombies and “pure awesome”: The dude should … Continue reading

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I want to see this movie

OMG! This looks absolutely hilarious kinda funny: I do realize that this movie might actually suck really bad, like “IT Crowd”. That show just recycled old jokes about computer geeks. This movie might be the same only applied to role … Continue reading

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Great moments in TV history…

Stephen Collbert totally pwns Lynn Westmoreland. Apparently the guy who co sponsored a bill to put 10 Commandments in courthouses can’t even name 5 commandments himself! :lol: This must be the funniest thing I have seen in years. Link via … Continue reading

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Robot Pr0n

If you ever wondered what would robot sex would like, boingboing has the answer for you.

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Monkey Pwnz Tigers!

This monkey totally pwnz the tigers! Watch and learn kids, this is how you aggro: That monkey is awesome! That monkey has skills! Awesomecool +10 reward for that little dude :mrgreen:

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