About the Blog

Terminally Incoherent started as a personal blog without a theme, focus and/or purpose. When you look through the archives you will see a wide scatter shot of different topics. Back then I didn’t have any readers, so I really didn’t care.

The site is still little bit like that today, but over the last few years I managed to narrow my focus a little bit. I still don’t have a specific topic, but I have a theme of sorts: “all things geeky”. Recently a new angle has emerged, and in addition to picking generally geeky things to review and talk about, I try to frame it in a specific point of view. When you are reading my reviews and commentaries, they are essentially done from the perspective of a software developer, progressive trans-humanist and future obsessed science nut. That’s what I’m aiming at when I write reviews these days.

That said, “geeky stuff” is the central theme and I try not to diverge from it too much. If I had to narrow down a list of central themes this would probably be it:

If you look at the geek humor category you will notice that early on I used it mostly to post funny pictures and web comics. Nowadays it is mostly amusing geek related stories or rants. I post funny pictures to /dev/random Tumblr feed now.

I used to post every single day of the week, but over the years my posts have gotten longer and more time consuming while the post frequency kept on falling. Nowadays my goal is to update the blog at least twice a week (usually Mondays and Wednesdays) but that does not always happen.

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