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Arguments against abstraction

You know what is the nice thing about Google Plus? Lack of that pesky character limit of Twitter. You can post a full essay as a status update if you want to. Not that you should. I try not to … Continue reading

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Facebook: Upload Failed

I wrote about reasons for using Facebook some time ago. I won’t repeat these things her. I will merely reiterate that it is a social communication platform. For many people this is the only internet based communication platform that they … Continue reading


Developping Blackberry Apps: Dice Roller

Last week I wrote about developing a simple hello world app for your blackberry. Today I want to go one step further and show you how to make a real world application that actually does something. Of course since we … Continue reading

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Developping Blackberry Apps: Hello World

I almost forgot about this post. It got stuck in the draft queue for a few weeks now, but since I’m running low on postable content, I decided to resurrect it, clean it up and post it. As promised, I … Continue reading


Developping Blackberry Applications

Few months ago, I got myself a Blackberry Storm. It is a neat little device whose main fault is essentially the fact that it is not an iPhone. It’s essentially a hybrid. On one hand it tries to be more … Continue reading


Clojure: Lisp on the JVM

I have found a new toy! It is called Clojure. What is it? It is a Lisp dialect that runs on the JVM. Hey, hey, where are you going! Crap! Around 85% of the readers just left the site in … Continue reading


Javascript will be the Next Big Language

I’m on JavaScript kick lately. Or rather, I have been rediscovering it ever since I read the series of Steve Yegge’s blog posts on JS and Rhino and his predictions for the next big language. I really think he is … Continue reading


Let’s talk about Java and keeping the damn kids of the lawn…

I found this gem mixed in with some old Java code of mine. There is nothing inherently wrong with this class by itself and I bet each and every one of you has a copy of exactly the same class … Continue reading


Simple Metaprogramming With Javascript

The more I’m messing around with Rhino the more I like it and in the process I’m learning more nifty Javascript tricks to use on my web based projects. For example, did you know that Javascript has features that facilitate … Continue reading


Rhino – Scripting Java with Javascript

After reading Steve Yegge’s Code’s Worst Enemy post I finally decided to give Rhino a whirl. I heard it mentioned here and there for a while now – mostly by Steve actually, but also by others. Actually others were mostly … Continue reading


Java: Swing or SWT – which one is better?

I’m actually to lazy to write a full argument here, so I will just post my bullshit filler crap from a recent research paper: 5.3 Designing a Graphical User Interface The discussion of GUI design should start by choosing appropriate … Continue reading


Problems with the DOMParser (s4s-elt-character Error)

I was messing around with the Apache Xerces based XML DOMParser class (from the com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.xs.dom package)for the JTwitt project and I noticed some quirky behavior. I used the following snippet of code: DomParser parser = new DOMParser(); parser.parse(new InputSource(xmlStream)); Document … Continue reading


Posting Twitter Updates using Java

As you may or may not know, I’m working on a Java based Twitter client recently. Sending and getting data from Twitter is really, really simple. Here is how to do it in Java. Let’s assume that we are trying … Continue reading


Need a Project

Now that my thesis is done, I feel that my procrastination skills might get bit rusty. Or even worse, I might start using them at work. Oh wait, never mind – I already do that. Either way, I need more … Continue reading


Ackermann Function in Java

I decided to implement the Ackermann function in Java using the BigInteger class. Mainly I wanted to see something generating really big numbers, to see how the class scales. Ackermann seemed to be a good place to start, because this … Continue reading


The Matrix (Multiplication)

How come Java does not have a matrix datatype? It has everything under the sun, and a bag of chips but no matrix datatype or object in the API? Sure, I can easily simulate it using a 2D array, but … Continue reading


Multiple Inheritance in Java

[tag]Java[/tag] has no support for [tag]multiple inheritance[/tag], right? At least that’s what you have been told. You can’t explicitly declare a class to be a child of two different unrelated classes. That is true. But you also need to remember … Continue reading


Arcane Java Operators

I previously posted about the nifty ?: Java operator that I personally love, but that I never see in the code. And then I realized that there are quite a few instances of Java specific stuff that no one really … Continue reading


Java ?: operator

One of the least understood, and most underestimated Java language constructs is the ?: operator. Most people never even seen it in action. And those who did, never actually used it to do anything meaningful. Imagine something like this: public … Continue reading


The case of the switch

Please look at the following code snippet and tell me what is wrong with it. No it contains no errors, just something really dumb that shows that the programmer does not understand the switch construct: switch(foo) {      case 1: … Continue reading

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Matlab vs Java

This SUCKS balls! I was at school today, trying to run my NMF algorithm on a 4MB image file. I started running the test around 12pm – it was chugging along happily as I was working on my Programming Languages … Continue reading