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Twitter Haters

I have been using Twitter since March 2007. When I signed up, few people other that us geeks knew about the service. I remember sending people invites, and getting bewildered emails asking me WTF is this “twidler” thing. You know, … Continue reading


Set your code free!

If you set your code free, it will gain a life of it’s own! I was googling my self the other day (what, you don’t do it?) and I stumbled onto something interesting. I found few results pointing back to … Continue reading



You might remember that like a 100 years ago I posted a small snippet of code showing you how to post Twitter updates using nothing but curl. Well, I took that snippet of code, polished it up a bit and … Continue reading


The Twitter Threading Problem

I love Twitter, but ever since I started using it I felt that the way it implemented the reply system was a bit lacking. On one hand they made it very simple to reply to people. Simply start your message … Continue reading


Comcast Cosed my Outbound Port 25 Yesterday

I’m posting this a day late because it took me a whole morning to figure this one out. It appears that Comcast has completely blocked both inbound and outbound traffic on port 25 for my company. For a few years … Continue reading


Adobe AIR Linux Alpha

At the beginning of the month, Adobe finally had a sudden bowel movement and defecated an AIR release for Linux all over the internets. Naturally it is an alpha release, which means some things may still be very, very broken. … Continue reading


Problems with the DOMParser (s4s-elt-character Error)

I was messing around with the Apache Xerces based XML DOMParser class (from the com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.xs.dom package)for the JTwitt project and I noticed some quirky behavior. I used the following snippet of code: DomParser parser = new DOMParser(); parser.parse(new InputSource(xmlStream)); Document … Continue reading


Twitter is useless to me.

Every time I try to post something on Twitter lately I see this: Either that, or an internal server error. I have been twittering less and less in the last month or two – but at this point I hardly … Continue reading


Posting Twitter Updates using Java

As you may or may not know, I’m working on a Java based Twitter client recently. Sending and getting data from Twitter is really, really simple. Here is how to do it in Java. Let’s assume that we are trying … Continue reading


Ruby on Rails doesn’t Scale Well

Ruby is a really great language with some awesome features, and Rails make it even better. But it appears that it does not scale well yet. Twitter is a great example of using RoR to run a website with millions … Continue reading


Need a Project

Now that my thesis is done, I feel that my procrastination skills might get bit rusty. Or even worse, I might start using them at work. Oh wait, never mind – I already do that. Either way, I need more … Continue reading



If you are not on Twitter, or if you are not following any of the top 10 people on the twitterholic list you probably haven’t heard about Jaiku. A good part of twitts in the past week dealt with bashing … Continue reading


5 Twitter Improvements I Would Like to See

People talk about groups, and other similar additions to Twitter. Personally, I don’t think these are necessary – and I’m not the only one. But here are few little tweaks that I would like to see: Always Show “In Reply … Continue reading

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Posting Twitter Updates via Curl

Here is how to post an update to twitter using just curl and nothing else. I guess you can use this if you are working on some headless unix machine that doesn’t have a proper browser… Of course a machine … Continue reading


Freetalk: A Console Based Jabber Client

I just found Freetalk – a tiny console based Jabber client. I love it! It has almost no memory footprint, it doesn’t steal focus like some of the GUI apps and (which is possibly the bast part) it doesn’t look … Continue reading


Twitter With Me!

Anyone out there using Twitter? Do we have any twitterati (is that the correct term?) in the house? Come on, let me know. I just signed up, and I like it. My only complaint is that I can’t get up-to-date … Continue reading