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Lost: Orchid Station DHARMA Video

I’m so excited for season 4 it’s not even funny. This official teaser video is made out of awesome: Oh, and in case you wondered, the Casimir Effect is real. From wikipedia: In physics, the Casimir effect or Casimir-Polder force … Continue reading

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Lost: Total Mindfuck

Lost just brutally raped my brain and left me pregnant with a bastard child of unspeakable confusion. Everything below is full of season finale related spoilers, so don’t read if you haven’t seen it yet. I have so many questions … Continue reading

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Lost: Continuity Errors – Intentional or Accidental

There is this notion in Lost community that the island is some sort of nexus that lies outside the normal time-space continuity. That the actions of characters on the island somehow influence both the past, present and the future of … Continue reading

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