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Lost: Orchid Station DHARMA Video

I’m so excited for season 4 it’s not even funny. This official teaser video is made out of awesome: Oh, and in case you wondered, the Casimir Effect is real. From wikipedia: In physics, the Casimir effect or Casimir-Polder force … Continue reading


Lost: Total Mindfuck

Lost just brutally raped my brain and left me pregnant with a bastard child of unspeakable confusion. Everything below is full of season finale related spoilers, so don’t read if you haven’t seen it yet. I have so many questions … Continue reading


Lost: Continuity Errors – Intentional or Accidental

There is this notion in Lost community that the island is some sort of nexus that lies outside the normal time-space continuity. That the actions of characters on the island somehow influence both the past, present and the future of … Continue reading


Lost: Nicky and Paulo were not in Pilot

Can I make one thing abundantly clear here? Nicky and Paulo were a dirty, disgusting retcon! They were not in the pilot episode! And the fact that some people claiming that Damon and Carlton “planned” for it since the first … Continue reading


Lost: Worst Episode Ever

Most Lost fans would agree that the last few episodes were top notch. Lost was getting back on track with interesting storyline, action, mystery and answers. They are back, we said! They really got the spark back, and the show … Continue reading


Lost: DHARMA Drama – the Thot Plickens!

Warning: Major Spoilage for Lost: Enter 77 below. Color me confused. All up to this point I was entirely convinced that the Others were either descendants of the original DHARMA initiative, or that they were people who came in later … Continue reading


Lunchtime Conversations

This is an actual conversation I had at lunch today (note we all watched the latest episode of BSG – if you didn’t you may get spoiled): cow-orker-1: So what do you think about BSG? me: I don’t get why … Continue reading


The Lost Symbolism

Lost fans assemble! Seriously, Work kicked my ass, and I don’t have anything useful to post, so I’m just gonna go and play HL2 for a while to unwind. In the meantime you people go read this interesting post on … Continue reading

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Lost: Only Fools are Enslaved by Time and Space

Apparently, if you play the brainwashing scene from Not in Portland backwards, you can hear a woman’s voice saying: “only fools are enslaved by time and space”:. yourube link Has anyone else confirmed this? I just want to make sure … Continue reading


LOST: nine moves away from checkmate

If you are a LOST fan like me, go read the Lost and Found article on Entertainment Weekly website. It certainly lifted my spirits regarding the direction the show is taking. I think the gist of it can be summarized … Continue reading


Make Your Own Dharma Rations

The people at Insanely Great News decided to celebrate the return of LOST by making bunch of custom Dharma ration labels for their snack food: image © insanely great news How awesome is that? They even provide a PDF for … Continue reading


Lost Will Have an Ending

It seems that ABC is beginning to slowly realize what we were all saying ever since season 3 started. Multiplying mysteries ad nauseum is not a formula for success. It might work initially, but it does not make a good … Continue reading


Sawyer may be Gambit in a next X-men move!

It’s not official or anything, but rumors say that Josh Holloway (to most people known as Sawyer) may be playing Gambit in the next X-men movie. No one knows if it’s going to be X4, Wolverine movie or some other … Continue reading


Lost Figurines

Have you seen these yet? They actually look really good: They are made by McFarlane Toys, and you can see the whole range here. They even have a little Hatch diorama. :) Kate seems a little bit off (maybe because … Continue reading


Lost Focus…

I think that Lost has lost it’s focus in Season 3. In the first two seasons the writers concentrated on building these wonderful, complicated characters with strange back stories, own agendas, motives and desires. The show was all about them, … Continue reading

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Second Island?

Here we go: Lost: Every Man for Himself There is a second island? WTF? There are several things which affected my score here. I feel like some of the Season 3 flashbacks do not really tell us much about the … Continue reading

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Lost: The Glass Ballerina

I have to say this: what the fuck was Sayid thinking? Let’s review: Others are known for their über, ninja, stealth skills They don’t leave tracks, and can move without making noise Last time when Losties posted sentries in the … Continue reading

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More Commercials during LOST S3 Premiere?

Is it just me or did ABC increase the number of commercial slots during the LOST season 3 premiere today? It almost seemed that each time they had a fade to black we were treated to a new ad segment. … Continue reading

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The Numbers

Over the past 2 weeks I watched all Lost episodes from season 1 and 2. Can’t wait till the show starts again next week. Wohoo! To kill time I’m now catching up on all the wild theories regarding the numbers … Continue reading

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More Links To Numbers Stations

Here are some more links to recordings from Numbers Station. Creepy and fascinating at the same time. I do not recommend playing lottery with these numbers, unless you want to suffer the Hurley Curse :P I found these on some … Continue reading


Lost and Numbers Stations

I’m still in process of catching up on Lost. I’m 9 episodes into the second season now, and I just successfully managed to hook my brother on the show. I think the clincher was when I told him that Michelle … Continue reading



I’m currently in the process of watching season 1 of Lost. I never seen the show before (with exception of S2 finale) so it is all brand new to me. I’m about 6 episodes into the series, and I’m hooked. … Continue reading