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Technology Brings us Closer

I honestly don’t know where do the normal folk get their notions about technology. They must be talking about this stuff on Faux News or some other low brow TV shows because I keep hearing people mouth the same tired … Continue reading


Fluency With Technology

I teach a course called “Fluency With Technology”. I did not come up with that designation – it came from up above, and the first time I saw it, I considered it silly. Over the years however I grew to … Continue reading


Science vs Humanities

I found this gem on Reddit the other day and I saved it to share with you guys because it is a clusterfuck of horrible. According to the story that came attached to the picture, it was a print add … Continue reading


Why Plain Text

Recently Chris Wellons shared some an really interesting thoughts on why a lot of programmers tend to flock to certain kinds of tools – powerful text editors, plain text formats, markup over WYSIWYG and etc.. Here is what he said … Continue reading


This is why we can’t have nice things – a response to Jeffrey McManus

Some of you have probably heard about the University of Florida scandal by now. If not, here is a quick recap: they axed their Computer Science Department, fired everyone they could, publicly humiliated the tenured professors they couldn’t fire and … Continue reading


Passwords are Inherently Insecure

Passwords are really bad from security standpoint. They positively, absolutely suck. You know how I know that? Because I can actually remember a lot of peoples passwords, that I never asked for. People just tell them to me while I … Continue reading


Anti-progress Attitudes

You have doubtlessly already seen this drawn meme-comic already, but I will repost it for the sake of the argument. While crudely drawn (or rather crudely assembled from copy and pasted bits) it gives us an interesting commentary on the … Continue reading


Dell Next Business Day Warranty Isn’t: Round Two

I’m not sure if you had read my previous rant about the Dell tech support fiasco. If you haven’t, I suggest checking it out first for the much needed context. To make the long story short, Dell took two weeks … Continue reading


Missing Recycle Bin

“Hey Luke, you know about this computer stuff, right?” If there is anything in the world I truly hate, it is this precise sentence. I’m honestly considering inventing some fake profession for myself, so I don’t have to tell people … Continue reading


Backing up your work: Common Sense 101

I keep telling people how important it is to back up their data on regular basis but most don’t listen. Honestly, it is either like preaching to a choir or like talking to a wall. Those folks who could be … Continue reading


Blizzard Tech Support

Good news everyone! My hunter just dinged 40 and I am now a proud owner of a fast mount and I’m shopping around for some fine mail armor that I can now use. If you read the above sentence in … Continue reading


Dude, I have a business proposition

I am slowly beginning to think that I should just lie to people about what I do for the living. Unless I’m talking to a fellow technology professional there are only two things people want to talk about after I … Continue reading


Happy Evoloterra

Happy Evoloterra folks! Today is a very special holiday that no one knows or cares about – the anniversary of the first moon landing. It was the first time in the history of mankind when an Earthling left his home … Continue reading


Let’s use a methaphor: Charlie and his car

Few weeks ago I posted a rant about stupid people not knowing how to internet. Most of the readers could relate, but some folks criticized me for being elitist. I’m pretty sure these people were just trolling but I guess … Continue reading


The new age superpower…

I was driving to work the other day listening to the radio, tuned to some kind of morning show with multiple hosts doing random banter and fart jokes when I heard something that made me very angry. I mean, not … Continue reading


Dear lusers: learn 2 internet!

Jesus Christ, I hate stupid people. Seriously! There is nothing worse than watching an idiot try to use internet. It is a rage inducing torture if I have ever seen any. I have no clue how do some of the … Continue reading


Tell me your best IT Stories

I think we should really do something about Mondays. I mean, I don’t think there is one person out there who actually likes Mondays. I’m surprised we even keep them around. I’d say that on average they probably cause more … Continue reading


In the real world…

This excellent XKCD comic is pretty much the story of my life: Yep, once you leave academia no one will actually understand what you do. Unless you are working for a geek friendly company that was funded and is currently … Continue reading


The Windows 7 FAQ: Stop Asking This Crap

Why do people keep asking me about Windows 7. I don’t care about it. I really don’t! And yet, somehow everyone I meed somehow assumes that the term software developer means no more and no less than guy who knows … Continue reading


Save Anywhere vs Checkpoints

I hate games that don’t allow me to save my progress whenever I want. That is pretty much the biggest turnoff for me and usually the #1 reason why I abandon games halfway through. I just don’t have time for … Continue reading


How to become the local Computer Guy

You know what really kills me? When people assume that I actually went to school to learn how to remove spyware from their fucking computer. An average person seems to have absolutely no clue what can you possibly need to … Continue reading


Don’t Copy my Image!

Protip: if you don’t want people taking your images and posting them all over the internet, do not put them online. In fact, do not make them available in an electronic format – ever! Just sell hard copy prints. As … Continue reading


360 Degree Design

What I am about to show you is known as the Design Circle or 360 Degree Design principle. It states that you initial design and/or layout is usually correct, but it will never be accepted by the client who will … Continue reading


McAfee Auto Renewal

I just retired one of the old computers in the house and remembered it was running McAfee and was subscribed to their auto-renewal program. Since I no longer had use for that McAfee license I decided to opt-out of the … Continue reading


DRM: The Programmers View

I make my living as a software developer, and this confuses people when they hear me bashing DRM. They are perplexed by the fact that someone who writes software may be so vehemently opposed to copyright protection tools. After all, … Continue reading