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Age of Sigmar and the End of Warhammer

As you may know I’m a huge fan of Warhammer Fantasy Battles table top game. I have written about it on more than one occasion and I made a tiny web service allowing you to print custom paper movement trays … Continue reading


Space Hulk

The original Space Hulk board game was released back in 1989. It would not be fair to say it was a direct cash-in, but the game design and theme were clearly influenced by the enduring popularity of James Cameron’s Aliens … Continue reading

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Skaven: Clan Skryre Army

I have been playing Warhammer and collecting miniatures for close to two decades now. I got into the hobby somewhere around 1995 and have been in and out of it since then. I currently play three Warhammer Fantasy armies, and … Continue reading


Picking a Dark Elf Sorceress: Adventures in Male Gaze

Recently I have been shopping around for a new Sorceress miniature for my Dark Elf army and I realized that I didn’t really like most of the existing games workshop miniatures. I read a really great piece of advice with … Continue reading


Dwarf Women: Miniature Collectors Guide

I really don’t like the single sex race trope in fantasy. Which is not to say I’m against exploring non-binary gender dynamics though fiction. Far from it, I think it is a grand idea, and can be incredibly interesting if … Continue reading


Adventures in Paint Stripping (tabletop and RPG)

I believe I mentioned the fact I recently got back into Warhammer Fantasy, which is a tabletop miniature war game for adult man children that involves moving around big units of what amounts to fantasy styled army-men across the table. … Continue reading

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Ruby Gems and Warhammer

The other day I wrote about my attempts to get back into Warhammer. Today I wanted to touch upon a slightly different aspect of the hobby. The open secret of war gaming community is that models are technically optional. This … Continue reading


Warhammer Fantasy

Along with a few of my buddies I have recently decided to get back into Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Some of you might already know what it is, but I feel that I probably need to explain the hobby to the … Continue reading


Howling Banshees or Striking Scorpions

If you have ever played Warhammer 40,000 or even visited the forums devoted to the game, you know that discussion of the day is usually “which unit is better”. Sometimes this is just plain ePenis wagging, bragging and blustering – … Continue reading


Space Marine: First Impression

The first five minutes of Space Marine look a little bit like this: A strategically significant Imperial forge-world that renovates/maintains irreplaceable and incredibly potent war machines artifacts of a bygone era is engulfed by the green tide of destruction that … Continue reading

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Daragon Age and Warhammer Fantasy Parallels

Few days ago I was trying to tell Ark what Dragon Age is all about. To help him to relate to the story I decided to compare it to something he knows very well – The Warhammer Fantasy universe. Whenever … Continue reading


Warhammer 40k Nerf Guns

My brother Ark owns bunch of Nerf guns that we occasionally use for an all out nerf war. His arsenal includes several Mavericks, a Longshot and a funky crossbow that I can’t find anywhere online. Since we are both Warhammer … Continue reading


Oh no! It’s a C’Tan!

You might have seen this image in /dev/random feed (btw, there is a link to it in thesidebar now): img found @ knuttz.net This is actually a sculpture by an artist who goes by Pierre Matter. Pierre doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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Fire Prisms FTW!

Over the holidays me and my brother were playing a lot of Dawn of War over the LAN. Its tons of fun even though I’m getting my ass royally kicked cause Ark has beat this game like 7 times by … Continue reading

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Eldar Codex just came in the mail today!

Wohoo! I just got the brand new Eldar Codex in the mail: Please be warned that a rant about how GW nerfed the shit out of x, y and z and how they awesomized q is in the making. :mrgreen: … Continue reading

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Lego Drednaught

This is a most awesome Lego creation I have seen in my life! found on the internets; author unknown I wonder if it is up to scale. I would figure that it would be a little bigger than a standard … Continue reading


Happy Dance

I just pre-ordered the brand spanking new and shiny Codex Eldar: Wohoo! The book comes out Nov 4th so I should have it shortly after that. Awesome! 8) Can’t wait to see which fluff made into the book, and find … Continue reading

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Dryads and Ents

Have you ever seen an Ent or a Dryad in the forest? Here are some pictures of weird, human looking trees: click to enlarge; © haha.nu, morpheus, pacamanca, rivermonkey Nature works in mysterious ways… On the other hand, I take … Continue reading

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Mark of Chaos Trailer

Holly Fucking Shit! I absolutely love the new Mark of Chaos Trailer [youtube mirror]. It is so incredibly bad ass cool that it leaves me speechless. If you are not a fan of Warhammer you will probably not understand. This … Continue reading

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Cursed Dice

Reading about a guy who buried a set of allegedly cursed 10 sided dice in his back yard reminded me of our own set of dice related superstitions. You may think this guy is silly, but I can totally relate … Continue reading


Battle Report Template Sheet

Whenever you want to to create a battle report, for your tabletop miniature game you need a structured way to record the game events. There are many ways to do this. Most people just write things down on paper, and … Continue reading

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18″ Shiruken Catapults?

I just saw this image: Image © WarSeer Forums I’m so excited! Can’t wait to get my hands on the codex. But does this mean only Avengers get 18″ range? Or are all catapults upgraded? If it’s only Avengers, then … Continue reading

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ZOMG! The Eldar are Comming!

I do not keep up with the Games Workshop rumor mill that closely but I knew that Codex Eldar was in the making for months now. It was only natural to expect new miniatures to come with it. But since … Continue reading

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