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Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few months, you probably heard that World of Warcraft: Cataclysm launched yesterday at 3am. It has been hyped up for months, advertised on TV and much discussed on the … Continue reading


Death Knights and uniqie WoW game play experiences

If you asked me what was the most fun area in WoW I would without hesitation say that it is probably the newbie location for Death Knights. Why? Because it is not static. You see, most of the world of … Continue reading


Playing Dress-Up with your RPG Characters

Please tell me that I’m not the only person who likes to put together non-functional but cool looking outfits for my RPG game characters. This is of course not possible in all games. Some games offer you very linear gear … Continue reading


What do you see in WoW

Since I started playing WoW again people have been asking me what do I see in that game. Especially since I often mention how I’m not a big fan of MMO’s in general. If you read my video game reviews … Continue reading


Blizzard Tech Support

Good news everyone! My hunter just dinged 40 and I am now a proud owner of a fast mount and I’m shopping around for some fine mail armor that I can now use. If you read the above sentence in … Continue reading


Because Alliance are total jerks…

Once upon a time I said I will not play WoW anymore. It turns out I lied. I’m back in the game once again – though not entirely of my volition. My brother decided to give in and try the … Continue reading


Real time clock in the HUD

How can you tell the difference between a desk of a gamer and a non gamer at a glance? Assume that the computer is hidden somewhere so you can’t really tell whether it is a gaming rig or just a … Continue reading


MMO Crafting Economies

Some time ago Shamus Young wrote an excellent piece explaining why in-game economies in most RPG’s are horribly broken. To make a long story short, it is because every time a player character visits a local dungeon he comes back … Continue reading


On WoW and MMO Questing Paradigm

Hey, have you heard about that world. That world of war and craft? Yeah, I’m sick of that world. I’m getting out. I seriously haven’t launched WoW in probably over a month now and I feel no urge to. I … Continue reading


WoW Considered Boring

I just wanted to say that I’m officially bored with WoW. I predicted that this will happen, but it took a bit longer than I expected. Remember all these posts I made in which I said how the game continues … Continue reading


The Familly Life of Orcs

Recently I realized that traditionally evil races such as Orcs, Goblins, Kobolds and etc. in RPG games rarely have fleshed out social backgrounds, or detailed descriptions of daily lives. It’s as if every member of each respective evil race was … Continue reading


WoW: The Grind

Yes, this is going to be another WoW post. You may see couple more popping up in the next few weeks but I’ll try to space them out so this blog doesn’t look like some fanboy love fest. I have … Continue reading


WoW: The Running Game

A while ago Shamus posted a list of his WoW Nitpicks. Since I agree with most of them I’m not going to repeat them here. I just wanted to add few little nitpicks of my own. I still like the … Continue reading


Horde or Alliance?

When you create your World of Warcraft character you must pick which of the major factions you want to belong to: the Horde or the Alliance. Or rather, the choice is implicitly made by picking the race of your character. … Continue reading


WoW UI Add-Ins

In the past I blogged about the excellent mods for Morrowind. It would be amiss, if I neglected to do the same for WoW which is also modable. Well, sort of. When you buy Morrowind or Oblivion you get Betsheda’s … Continue reading


Blizzard Won’t Transfer My Character

This is a follow up to yesterday’s post. As you may know, me and Blizzard have a sort of rocky relationship. First they locked my account, then I said I will never play WoW again, then I reconsidered. I was … Continue reading


I’m Giving Blizzard One More Chance

I know that said I will not play WoW, but the game was simply calling to me. So I decided to give it one more chance. I’m still not happy with how Blizzard handled my case, but my previous post … Continue reading


Blizzard Doesn’t Want Me to Play World of Warcraft

Back in the day I did my 10 day World of Warcraft trial and blogged about it. If you recall, I was able to convince myself that WoW was not for me in the end. Then recently I started having … Continue reading


WoW Trial: Final Thoughts

I was planning to write about something else today (something, anything but WoW) but I’m all out of stuff to write. I usually avoid doing technology posts on Saturdays (it’s a personal rule) but that’s really all I can think … Continue reading


World Of Warcrack 10 Day Trial

Ladies and gentlemen I officially lost my mind. I decided to download the World of Warcraft trial and blog about the experience. From what I hear, this is equivalent to deciding to smoke crack for the first time. I’m aware … Continue reading