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This category includes posts written prior to my 2006 move to Wordpress. Originally this blog was hosted with Blogger which at the time did not have fancy features such as tags or categories.

6 Firefox Extensions I could not live without

Here is the list of 6 Firefox extensions I could not live without: Adblock – I do not consider Adblock an extension anymore. I feel that this is an essential part of the browser. Adblock is the reason why I … Continue reading


Woke up this morning, got myself a gun…

Sopranos are back! Yay! First things first – Medow’s strip dance thing scene was definitely to short. Was that a flashback scene or was this new? The whole beginning sequence was kinda funky, mix so I don’t know anymore. I … Continue reading


Picky Fast Food Eaters

One of the most annoying things in the world is a picky fast food customer. I bet you saw one of them at least once in your life. Those are the people who make ridiculously complex orders at Burger King … Continue reading


Open Letter to Earthlink Wireless

Dear Earthlink Wireless, You suck! If you want to stay in this business, please get your shit together. You already lost me1 as a customer, and I will make sure I tell all my friends and business contacts to stay … Continue reading

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Patriot Act Renewed

Sigh… It seems that Patriot Act is here to stay. Please excuse my language but the only thing I can say to this is: [click to view] Fucking ass bonesmen motherfuckers! But hey, we are much safer now, right? I … Continue reading

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AOL Determined to Suck Even More!

AOL seems to be determined to implement their email tax scheme. As if they didn’t suck already… If people didn’t see a reason to quit this shitty ISP before, this should be a good incentive. My dad used to used … Continue reading

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Dumb Internet Laws… Again

I really think that our NJ Assemblyman Peter J. Biondi got flamed on some messageboard recently. I’m saying this because he apparently introduced a bill that would institute mandatory online identification. Yup, this guy wants to abolish online anonymity. It … Continue reading

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The Scope of Support

One of the students approached me yesterday after class, and asked me to take a look at his laptop. He had some major issues with it and wanted some advice. I find it funny how people always assume that if … Continue reading


How good are Digital Pens?

Logitech Digital Pen I keep looking for a good way to take notes in school. I like to have digital copies of my stuff, because they are easy to backup, transfer and share. Paper based notes are by far the … Continue reading

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Does anyone get any support from CORE?

I know that I complained about CORE before, and that got me misquoted over at Billy Gray’s Giant Robots Blog. I assume I will be throughly scrutinized analyzed this time also… But, oh well… Here is the prime example of … Continue reading


Skull and Bones – American Iluminati

Check out these wacky videos posted by synackal. If you like conspiracy theories, occult stuff, or just wierd shit you will get a kick out of them. The scarry part is that some parts of these may actually be true… … Continue reading


If you have nothing to hide…

I had one of these lunch conversations today… It actually started when one of the girls expressed her concern about the well being of the music industry. For some reason she really believed in the RIAA propaganda. So I explained … Continue reading

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Cat Piano

Excentric 17th century inventor Athanasius Kircher once designed a cat piano. Dude… WTF! Tags: silly, humor, cats, cat piano, piano, music, inventions, 17th century

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Crunchwrap – not portable!

Crunchwrap – not portable! You know how Taco Bell always runs those commercials about their Crunchwrap™ thing being all portable and “Good to go™”? Guess what – they lie like dogs! The crunchwrap is anything but portable. Today I popped … Continue reading

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I’m not the only one who hates the “IT Crowd” show

It seems that I’m not the only one who hates the stupid British show IT Crowd. I have seriously no clue what people see in that pile of stinking garbage. It’s not funny, it’s not clever and most importantly it … Continue reading

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Dawkins Slams Religiosity

I just watched a great documentary by Richard Dawkins titled Root of All Evil. I found it via boingboing, and it intrigued me. So I went searching for a download. Thanks to the wonderful world of of p2p I found … Continue reading

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Creationist Pamphlet

Creationist Pamphlet, originally uploaded by maciakl. Someone gave this creationist pamphlet (click on the thumb to view) to my brother’s girlfriend on a bus. She found it funny so she kept it to show to my brother. He in turn … Continue reading


AJAX and me

As part of my job I do some development on web applications. Mostly LAMP and WIMP shit. I’m not a graphics designer though, and my Photoshop skills are limited. This is something that I plan to work at, but for … Continue reading

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Is CIA Secretly Rewriting History?

It appears that in the last few years CIA was secretly reclassifying some historical documents that used to be public. In most cases these documents did not contain any sensitive information that could impact national security. However, some of these … Continue reading

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Weekend Coding Sessions

I spent the whole Sunday locked in my little office, hacking away on the code for my thesis work. This was first time in weeks when I left school without feeling frustrated and stressed about this work. I finally made … Continue reading

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It has come to my attention…

LOLOL! Shamelessly stolen from PVP. Tags: comics, humor, funny, poop, pvp

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Coding without an IDE is like eating soup with a fork

The more I use Eclipse, the more I learn to depend on it. I cannot imagine coding anything serious without Eclipse “compile as you type” error checking, one-click correction tools, automatic code generation tools and refactoring utilities. Vim is great … Continue reading


Myspace Customized Layouts Suck

I hate when people fuck up the standard layout of their Myspace profiles. That website obviously was not made for customization. If the creators wanted to allow this type of creativity, they would likely built in a customizable template structure … Continue reading


Everybody Loves President Cole

This is officially the best poster ever. Zewrestler said that this is a rare un-edited picture of president Cole. Usually they photoshop out the horns and the goatee :P Somehow this one must have leaked out without editing. I heard … Continue reading


Silly T-Shirt

Hehe… I don’t know why but I find this amusing: Samelessly stolen from Tags: funny, humor, silly, tshirt, fedex

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