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Scraping Reddit’s Json for Cool Pics

Did you know that you can add /.json to any Reddit URL to get a machine readable JSON document you can screw around with? You can test it yourself. For example, go to /r/vim/.json. It works for pretty much any … Continue reading


Modern Front End Development

Whenever you sit down to create a new website (or a web project), there is usually a litany of things you need to do before you can start hacking. And I don’t include brewing a strong cup of coffee in … Continue reading


Making Ajax Driven Websites without Server Side Scripting

As some of you may or may not know, I teach a introductory technology course at my old alma matter. I have been an adjunct professor then since 2007. Back when I was a student there I had a unix … Continue reading


jQuery: Grid like table with keyboard navigation

Guess what time is it kids? It’s time for yet another boring, technical post. It’s that sort of week. Or rather it was – I usually queue my posts approximately 8-10 days in advance. This means that if I get … Continue reading


Free Application Cloud Hosting Not Feasible?

Back in December I wrote about AppJet – a fun and promising new Google App Engine like service. It was an incredibly well designed Javascript based framework that allowed you to deploy web applications on their cloud. The hosting was … Continue reading


SQL Emulation Tool in Javascript Part 2

As promised, I’m posting my semi-working sql parser below. You should keep in mind that the code is still very immature and full of bugs. One of my reasons for posting it here is that people will start playing around … Continue reading


SQL Emulation Tool in Javascript

As you may know, I teach a introductory computer course in the evenings. One of the topics we cover are databases. Of course this is not a programming class, so there is a limited amount of things we can actually … Continue reading


Display Loading Screen while Rendering Large HTML Tables

Here is a problem I’ve been having for a while now: large HTML tables take way to long to render, especially under IE. Why do you use tables, you ask? To display large amounts of data on the screen – … Continue reading


IE, JQuery, Hovering and Option Elements

I hate Internet Exploder with a passion. Why does it need to be such a piece of non-compliant, non standard crap? It’s not like I was trying to do something outrageous. It was simple and logical script, but it wouldn’t … Continue reading


Serializing Javascript Objects into Cookies

A while ago I mentioned that my school gives students and faculty Novel NetDrive accounts. This means we can all publish simple websites on their service, but get no server side scripting. This makes that space great for teaching students … Continue reading


Post a Comment, Win a Free Book

Recently Adam Kahtava had a free book giveaway on his blog. I was the lucky winner! The prize was a copy of Javascript: the Good Parts by Douglas Cockford (you can read Adam’s review here). I don’t think I have … Continue reading


Identifying External Links With CSS

As you may have noticed, recently I started identifying external links on this website with a little arrow symbol: ⇗. Most people agree that this is a neat idea – little visual cue that tells you the link points to … Continue reading


JQuery Tablesorter: List of Builtin Parsers/Sorters

On of my users tried to explain a bug to me today. Apparently the results on the search page would not sorting properly. Or they were sorting but not by date but by half or a quarter of the date. … Continue reading


Making a Better Use of Script Tags

Admittedly, I’m a certified Stage 3 Javascript fanboi. There is a lot of things I love about the language, but one thing I do not particularly care for is the script tag syntax. Let me show you what I mean. … Continue reading


Stages in Life of a Web Developer

After experiencing this interesting development in my own life, I keep seeing others go through the same 3 stages: Stage 1: TOTAL HAET! Stage 2: Careful, reserved acceptance… Stage 3: TOTAL LOVE! People in Stage 1, almost unanimously think that … Continue reading


Making Websites Without Serverside Scripting

Here is an interesting task: make a semi decent website, which is pretty, and maintainable without using any server side scripting or server side includes. In other words, we want a website that has a header, footer, a navigation sidebar … Continue reading


Javascript will be the Next Big Language

I’m on JavaScript kick lately. Or rather, I have been rediscovering it ever since I read the series of Steve Yegge’s blog posts on JS and Rhino and his predictions for the next big language. I really think he is … Continue reading


3 Value Checkbox with JQuery

Few days ago I did that whole 3-value checkbox thing basing it on some script I found online. I went back and I re-implemented it using some JQuery magic. I’m not going to reiterate the whole setup here. I recommend … Continue reading


JQuery Quirks

Here are two interesting quirks in the way JQuery works. Let’s say you want to check all the check-boxes on the page – how do you do it? It’s trivial: $(“:checkbox”).attr(“checked”, “true”); Now quickly, how do you un-check all the … Continue reading