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WordPress: Vanishing Categories

Roughly a month or so ago, something weird happened to this website. It was one of those weird and a bit scary glitches that make you question your own sanity because they come out of nowhere and they have seemingly … Continue reading


Site Crash

You may have noticed that the site went down around noon today, and stayed dead for a few solid hours. This was perhaps my longest downtime since the good-old Dreamhost days. Or at least the longest period between the time … Continue reading

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Theme Update

Over the weekend, I finally sat down and updated my blog theme. I have been using Kubrick (the old default WordPress theme) ever since I got this domain and migrated my blog from Blogger. So it’s been over 4 years … Continue reading


WordPress Force SSL Administration

“See, you shouldn’t steel internet on a regular basis” I told my acquittance, “it’s not that it’s wrong – it’s just not safe.” I mean, think about it – you never know if the person running an open wifi node … Continue reading


Comment Spam

I realized that I’m a bit spoiled by my comment spam filtering plugins. On this blog I use two tools that keep the robots out: Akismet and WPSpamFree. And before you say anything about discrimination about robots, let me just … Continue reading


Blog fixed via Upgrade

Just wanted to let everyone know why the blog looks like crap right now. Or rather why do you see the ultra spartan Kubrick theme instead of the bastardized, orange version you are used to. Last night my blog broke … Continue reading


Small Theme Cleanup

This blog got bubbled up to the front page of Digg and Reddit once or twice in the past. I remember that the browser post turned out to be a huge hit that made my server blow up. It’s always … Continue reading


Downtime on Thursday Afternoon

Apparently some of you had the doubtful pleasure of seeing my directory index between 4 and 5:30 pm yesterday. Apparently I set their server on fire by (check this out) flushing the WP-Cache to see the small tweaks in the … Continue reading


Saving Bandwidth and Preventing Hotlinking With Coral Cache

A while ago Jeff Artwood wrote about “outsourcing” hosting your images to a 3rd party service as a method for minimizing bandwidth costs. This a very practical advice not just for high traffic sites but for just about anyone. You … Continue reading


Writing Your First WordPress Plugin

I never wrote a wordpress plugin before, so when I set out to learn how they work, I was surprised to see how easy it is to create one. One would think that there would be lot’s of setup and … Continue reading


Upgraded to WordPress 2.0.5

This morning I decided to upgrade my wordpress version to 2.0.5. The whole thing went smoothly, but several of the plugins which require you to actually edit some of the WordPress files broke. I think I fixed all of them, … Continue reading

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Finally, a hReview plugin that works!

You might have noticed that I have been using the hReview microformat for most of my movie and episode reviews. The format of my review blocks was constantly changing over the past few months, because sometimes the auto generators may … Continue reading



My blog tends to be a little bit slow at times. The reason for this is twofold: I’m hosted on a shared box, along with a dozen other websites. We all share resources, and thus sometimes we can experience slowdowns. … Continue reading


Technorati Traffic

In the past I used to have allot of traffic from Technorati. This has changed when I moved over to wordpress. I registered the new blog with the site, and when I did specific keyword searches terminally-incoherent.com showed up here … Continue reading

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Comment Subscriptions

I am very lazy and forgetful when it comes to my browsing habits. If a website does not have an RSS feed, I’m not going to be a regular there. It’s just to tedious to actually go to some silly … Continue reading

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Blogger Redirection

I just read an excellent post on how to migrate from Blogger to wordpress. It piqued my interest because I recently did just that. I moved my blogspot hosted blog, to wordpress on a paid host. So this was right … Continue reading

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WordPress and Daylight Savings

One thing that was driving me absolutely nuts about wordpress was lack of any kind of support for daylight savings time. By default, you set up your time zone as offset from GMT. I live on the East Coast so … Continue reading

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As you may or may not know, I want to expand my humble little website into something more. My whole motivation behind moving away from free services was to be able to do more than just blog. WordPress is an … Continue reading


Trackback Spam

Trackback Spam pisses me off. I just got one hit from some pill pusher the other day. Comment spam is one thing, but trackback spam is even more annoying. I just bought this domain like a week ago or so, … Continue reading


WordPress Mangler

WordPress seems to be mangling my old blogger posts. Almost all the <code> segments are shot. All embedded objects did not import correctly. Sigh… I will probably be sitting here till August fixing up all the stuff that got broken … Continue reading

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To WordPress of not to WordPress

I’m seriously thinking about moving away from blogger… The other day Matt jumped ship and switched to WordPress. Following his suggestion I created a free account: terminally.wordpress.com. As you can see, it seamlessly imported my whole blog which is great. … Continue reading

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