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DMCA DDOS: Why compliance is not an option

One of the important stipulations of the Megaupload indictment (which I mentioned in my post-SOPA article) was that Kim Dotcom and his crew purposefully capped the number of DMCA take-down requests that could be submitted per an account. To an … Continue reading


Public domain is dead

American public domain is dead. Dead, buried, there are wilted flowers on it’s grave and no one comes to visit except the creepy grounds keeper doing his rounds every evening. January 1, 2012 was the annual, international Public Domain day. … Continue reading


The Big DVR Swindle

Recently, we had a rather peculiar “all hands on deck” meeting with the owner of the company I work for. Everyone working in any technology related capacity was told to drop everything and report to his office at a designated … Continue reading


How to prevent Piracy

I wrote on this topic many times before, but recently I have realized that most of my rhetoric is often lost on certain kind of people – namely software developers who are trying to make a living selling their products. … Continue reading


Yet Another DRM Rant

Ubisoft recently released an interesting little game called “From Dust” in which you play as some sort of nebulous, elemental entity who helps a lost tribe of worshipers to rebuild their civilization. It looked like a fun, modern riff on … Continue reading


Happy Belated Pirate Day!

Yesterday was an International Talk Like a Pirate Day and I almost missed it. I’m a day late but I still wanted to use this occasion to talk to you about a very important issue: namely piracy. Let me tell … Continue reading


You can’t convert pirates into customers

Hey folks, remember when I said that pirates never were and never will be paying customers? Well, here is a proof of that. Back at the begging of May a company called Wolfire had a really cool promotion: The Humble … Continue reading


DRM – Death of Public Domain?

I am not a lawyer. I don’t even play one on TV. I am by no means an authority on matters of copyright but I sometimes feel that I know more about it than an average person on the street. … Continue reading


Information and Post Sarcity Economies

I keep explaining this to people, but no one seems to get it. Information wants to be free. Despite what many of you may think, it is not just some hippie talk. It is not some idealistic hacker battle cry. … Continue reading


AC2 DRM Fiasco

I wrote about the AC2 DRM last week. In the meantime the game got released, and the DRM servers went down shortly afterward. This is a much better outcome that I expected. In my previous post I counted out all … Continue reading


It’s Not Theft

It’s funny, but whenever copyright or piracy is discussed on the internet someone from the “pro copyright” side of argument will inevitably start using strong words such as “theft” and “stealing” when referring to copyright infringement. Someone will correct them, … Continue reading


Buying New Games

As you know, now that I have a proper gaming rig I’m on the lookout for new exciting games to play. I had a blast playing Fallout 3, and I believe I will get many more hours out of this … Continue reading


DRM: The Programmers View

I make my living as a software developer, and this confuses people when they hear me bashing DRM. They are perplexed by the fact that someone who writes software may be so vehemently opposed to copyright protection tools. After all, … Continue reading


File Sharing Sites are Libraries of the Digital Age

Here is a hypothetical scenario for you. Imagine I would want to create a new service – sot of an open data repository. I would simply provide users with space, and some means to catalog and organize the “stuff” they … Continue reading


Pirate Bay Loses, Piracy Continues as Usual

I was little surprised when I heard about the severe punishment the Swedish court system Hollywood controlled puppet theater handed down to the new heroes of the internet: Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Peter Sunde and Carl Lundström. I really … Continue reading


You can make software piracy irrelevant

Software piracy is a problem. It has been an issue from the day one. As soon as people started selling software, others started copying it illegally. It’s funny, but we have built computers in a way that makes software easy … Continue reading


Why do People Pirate?

This is very old news by now but I will bring it up because it helps me to frame my point. Remember that delightful little indie game called World of Goo which I reviewed not so long ago? It turns … Continue reading


The Practical Reasons to Hate DRM

I admit it – when it comes to music, I’m really a simpleton. True music buffs probably would call me “part of the problem” or something equally bad. I may hear a song on the radio, or perhaps in a … Continue reading


DRM and Offline Gaming PC

I had this neat idea once of setting up a PC that I would use exclusively for gaming. I would make sure it had good hardware, and it would run WinXP without an anti-virus suite, firewall or any sort of … Continue reading


Piracy: A Social Phenomenon

I was always a little bit on the fence on the issue of piracy. I do not want to openly endorse it here on a public blog. I agree that conceptually it is a wrong thing to do, and that … Continue reading


Why Software DRM Doesn’t Work

I talk about DRM a lot, but I never really found a perfect way to explain it to people who are clueless about technology. When I teach a class on digital media, and go over DRM I usually briefly cover … Continue reading


Smart Business Move: Letting Viewers watch TV Shows Online

In the past if you missed an episode of your favorite show you had very limited choices. If you had Tivo or a similar service you could just pray and hope it was smart enough to record it. You could … Continue reading


Digital Sales Expectations: Customer vs. Copyright Holder

Let’s talk more about digital distribution. I don’t know why but I suddenly have a lot to say about these things. We already established that distributing data online can be profitable if you approach it the right way. We also … Continue reading


It is not theft!

I said it before, and I’ll say it again: downloading copyrighted content without author’s consent is not theft. It’s copyright infringement! It doesn’t make it any less illegal, but it is a very different crime. Please get it right, otherwise … Continue reading


E-Books and File Sharing

Have you noticed that while book scans are as abundant on file sharing networks as other media, people in publishing industry are not really crying that much about piracy? Ok, I take that back – they do cry about it, … Continue reading